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Issues with the site!

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Sam Swire
Issues with the site!
on Jun 1, 2010 at 8:03:53 pm

Hi and thank you for this amazing site! :)

But I have recently starting to have a problem viewing a certain tutorial in the 3D section, it's the Camera Tracking tutorial tutored by Chris Martin.

The issue is that the buffer of the video is Extremely slow - i.e The amount of time it takes to loads a second of the video takes more then a minute! After several tries it stops working after 45 seconds.

I have seen the whole tutorial a week ago but I have a fuzzy memory so I thought that I could refresh my brains 2 MB harddrive! :)

I have done several tries of solution:

I have downloaded the podcast from iTunes, same issue as above - but other podcast works great!

I have downloaded the podcast from Creative Cow, the download stops after 50 mb out of 171 mb of data.

I have let the browser buffer the video for more then 2 hours, nothing more then 50 secs! :)


No I do not have a ISP limit and I have tested downloading several other files in different sizes in both Torrent and Browser.

I'm located in Karlstad, Sweden and here is a link to my speedtest result:

I have contacted my ISP and the gentleman said that there was no issues in my Region and my friend said that he's been online all day yesterday and today with the same ISP but a slower contracted speed!

I should also explain that I only share this connection with my dad who only "YouTube's" and "Spotify's" (Swedish version of!), but he hasn't used the network during my attending hours!

Thank you for your time to read this and excuse my language!

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Abraham Chaffin
Re: Issues with the site!
on Jun 1, 2010 at 9:30:28 pm

Hello Sam,

We appreciate the feedback on this.

This video is one of our largest videos in our library at nearly 300MB. It seems as though it should eventually load for you but we will look into what could be causing the issue on our end.

Take care,


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Sam Swire
Re: Issues with the site!
on Jun 1, 2010 at 11:00:03 pm

Thank you for your response!

I will try play the tutorial on other computers on other networks and ISP trying to pinpoint/exclude some of my theoretical problems, (server/client side issue!?)!

Thanks again!

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Fred Jodry
Re: Issues with the site!
on Jun 5, 2010 at 7:21:23 pm

Several of my old computers have the same problem but also appearing in several ways. This is it, if I turn off my monitor during a download or an Operating System install, the computer will stop immediately and usually crash. The problem seems to have to do with either APM, automatic power management when it`s turned on, or maybe standby mode being turned on in particular. Pre- 2000 vintage computers can have this problem often however old computers without these power modes seem immune. More modern types tend to use ACPI by default but can still have APM and the problems if that`s where the problem comes from, available so to speak, on tap. One of my motherboards was having the problem no matter what I did. It was an E-machine intended motherboard from 1999. It suffered having two transistors in the turn on, turn off area of the motherboard near the front power switch get blown to crumbs when I transferred it to a case that accidentally touched some connections around a screw hole. I snipped and sanded the offending wire ends then soldered a piece of solder braid across where the two transistors were and now the motherboard never goes to sleep, a lucky motherboard. So nice of an electrical accident to come along.

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