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Apple Final Cut Pro Legacy FAQ

  1. FCPro 7 crashing continually on start up
  2. Cameras

    1. Workflow: 1080 60p from Panasonic HDC-TM700 camera
  3. Capturing / Digitizing

    1. Dropped frames on playback
    2. HDV and Firewire in FCP
    3. Dealing with Reality Show timecode breaks...
    4. Having a bad time importing HDV file into Final Cut Pro
    5. Green Frames? That G5 render is not as good as your Intel does in ProRes.
    6. can't digitize
  4. Conversions (HD, SD, PAL, NTSC, etc...)

    1. HD Show to SD DVD
    2. How Do I Down-convert with the AJA Konas?
    3. Convert from Quicktime Movie to Windows Media File
    4. Going to standard DVD from 1080 project.
  5. Editing Issues

    1. Export to FCP still needs rendering and pixelates
    2. Help! Trying to add a transition.
    3. Render a Clip NOT The Whole Timeline
  6. File managment

    1. How to move all used files in a project to a specific location.
  7. Importing Footage

    1. FC Studio Color to FCP
    2. Importing DVDs
    3. Importing Avid Timelines
    4. Importing DVD footage to FCP
    5. DVD to DV
    6. Importing DVD
  8. System Configuration (Drives, Cards, Macs, Monitor

    1. What is RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5?
    2. What Drives do I need for High Definition?
    3. What's the difference between the AJA Kona boards?
    4. the best capture card for HD footage?
    5. video/capture card specs to digitise
  9. Editing Issues

    1. Where to post FCP crash reports at Apple Support?
  10. Importing Footage

    1. importing still photos
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