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Sony SRW Decks

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View ThreadFlanders Scientific Monitor and Kona 3
by Bob Zelin 7 years ago
176 years ago
Leonardo Hallal
View Threadhttp/network setup
by Daniel Heen 7 years ago
146 years ago
Daniel Heen
View ThreadSony SRW 5500 clones off by 1 frame
by Chris Monte 7 years ago
106 years ago
Chad Brewer
View ThreadMultibridge Eclipse unstable HD-SDI output when in FCP "Edit to Tape"
by Steve Herring 7 years ago
46 years ago
Mike Auten
View ThreadFCP to 5500 layoff - frame offset issue
by David Jahns 7 years ago
96 years ago
jeff ledellaytner
View ThreadHDV Deck options
by Bryce Groark 7 years ago
187 years ago
Brian Louis
View Threadedit-in flashes using HD-SR deck as HD-23.976
by rob ray 7 years ago
47 years ago
Mike Most
View Thread5500 NTSC downconvert
by Bram Tulloch 7 years ago
37 years ago
Mark Spano
View Threadturning off vitc
by Tom Dempsey 7 years ago
17 years ago
Mark Spano
View Threadcapturing 23.98 from an HD 59.94 tape into FCP
by Vanja Mutabdzija 7 years ago
47 years ago
Vanja Mutabdzija
View Threadadjusting monitor audio independent of line audio?
by Mike Langevin 7 years ago
View ThreadChip size REALLY critical for broadcast?
by Darrell Beck 7 years ago
97 years ago
ray combs
View ThreadKona LHe stuck on 1x link width
by Alan Kidd 7 years ago
77 years ago
Alan Kidd
View ThreadRemoving pulldown in Avid / Making 29.97fps 23.976fps at capture
by Kate Hetland 7 years ago
17 years ago
Terence Curren
View Threadadding system menu to a PF bank?
by Mike Langevin 7 years ago
17 years ago
Mike Langevin
View ThreadSRW-5500 Format Converter
by moody glasgow 7 years ago
17 years ago
Mike Langevin
View ThreadSudden In-Ability to capture 1080i 29.97 with Kona 3's 10-bit uncompressed preset
by Daniel Carlin-Weber 7 years ago
57 years ago
Daniel Carlin-Weber
View ThreadInsert edit without a second machine
by Richard Wirth 7 years ago
17 years ago
Mark Spano
View ThreadWarning 14 NO PB RF SIGNAL
by Daniel Edelman 7 years ago
View ThreadDA88 Audio capture with Blackmagic HD Extreme
by Steve Kirkham 7 years ago
147 years ago
Steve Kirkham
View Threadbroadcast quality?
by Matt Campbell 7 years ago
17 years ago
Bob Zelin
View ThreadControlling 3 machines (HD/Digi)
by Lino Raffa 7 years ago
27 years ago
Lino Raffa
View ThreadNews: Sony Unveils First Camcorder Based On HDCAM SR Format
by Cow News Droid 7 years ago
View ThreadMetaSan problem
by Humberto Perez 7 years ago
27 years ago
Scott Ellison
View ThreadNO PLAYBACK; Warning 53
by Chris Liddell 7 years ago
17 years ago
Chris Liddell
View Thread2x VTR to server transfer speed...
by Samuel Dragon 7 years ago
17 years ago
Dino Sanacory
View ThreadBroadcast HD 720 vs 1080?
by Lars Larson 7 years ago
67 years ago
Lars Larson
View ThreadNew Stereoscopic 3D Issue Available Now
by Creative COW 7 years ago


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