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Mads Nybo Jørgensen
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Mark Suszko
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Rainer Wirth
John Quinn
John Quinn
Caine Parker
Caine Parker
tom wong
tom wong
steve waschka
steve waschka
Mike Chacon
Mike Chacon

Decks & VTRs

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View ThreadOnline Editor
by Patrick Fischer 5 days ago
View ThreadService: DC Video
by David Crosthwait 7 days ago
View ThreadSettings for Iphone 6 Plus
by Denis Kunz 1 week ago
11 week ago
Ryan Holmes
View ThreadFree to good home: new Betacam and DVCPro 50 tapes
by Lawrence Marshall 2 weeks ago
View ThreadPreparing TVC to broadcast specs
by lucky phil 3 months ago
13 weeks ago
Stephen Bakopanos
View ThreadSoftware criticism
by Walter Soyka 4 weeks ago
214 weeks ago
Robin S. Kurz
View ThreadNews: Cinedeck File Based Insert_Editing Smashes Editor
by COW News Droid 1 month ago
View ThreadSony FX1 FCE 4.01 Capture Issues
by Josh Levien 1 month ago
11 month ago
Rainer Wirth
View ThreadWhich Codec?
by Tom Sarratt 1 month ago
31 month ago
Oki Pienandoro
View Threadcapture old, OLLLLDDDDD 24p footage
by Keith Eyrich 2 months ago
221 month ago
Keith Eyrich
View ThreadService: Iskender Utyushev
by Iskender Utyushev 5 months ago
11 month ago
Brooke Woboditsch
View ThreadWhat Amazon Users think about Clouds...
by Rainer Schubert 2 months ago
431 month ago
Rainer Schubert
View Thread16:9 Digi Beta_ very basic doubt
by prathyush kumar 1 month ago
131 month ago
prathyush kumar
View ThreadMeta Info
by Daniel Schloss 1 month ago
11 month ago
Walter Soyka
View ThreadImage: new-sony-betacam-digibeta-stickers-labels.jpg
by Mads Nybo Jørgensen 1 month ago
View ThreadHDSR Deck has no internal video screen
by James Lenouail 2 months ago
41 month ago
James Lenouail
View ThreadMachine Room Operator
by tom wong 2 months ago
View ThreadVault Asset Coordinator
by Laura Herbers 2 months ago
View ThreadService: SDI Media
by Andrew Cousins 2 months ago
View ThreadIn-Action Story on FCPX and Focus
by Noah Kadner 2 months ago
2032 months ago
Andreas Kiel
View ThreadNearly $12.5 million in last 30 days...
by David Miller 3 months ago
262 months ago
Steve Connor
View ThreadService: Mike Chacon
by Mike Chacon 2 months ago
View ThreadLog/Capture Hi8 tapes in FCP7 using Sony DCR-TRV320
by James Mason 2 months ago
View Threadprogressive segmented frames and interlaced recorders
by steve waschka 2 months ago
12 months ago
steve waschka
View ThreadTBC (and transcoder) questions for digitizing both U-Matic and VHS
by Brendan Roney 2 months ago
View Threadarchival footage shot on mini dv wanting to in log and capture with sony pd150 on a macbook pro using final cut pro 7
by Karin Hazé 2 months ago
52 months ago
Karin Hazé
View ThreadConvert HD SDI to SD Component with DataVideo DAC50 and then record in Sony DSR 45ap
by Steve Robinson 2 months ago
View Threadbest cheap method of digitising VHS tapes into FCPX
by sean miller 3 months ago
122 months ago
Alan Lacey
View ThreadMastering Artist
by James Cotten 3 months ago
View ThreadPPro, MacPro Late 2013 Capture Solution - What are using to digitize your tapes?
by Jeff Coleman 6 months ago
183 months ago
andrew paul
View ThreadDVD or Flash Drive?
by Patrick Callahan 3 months ago
143 months ago
Leah Chapman
View ThreadService: Jennifer-Noel Dennis
by Jennifer-Noel Dennis 3 months ago
View ThreadWhat to do with old BetaSP tapes?
by Chuck Pelini 3 months ago
View ThreadSony M15U HDV VTR. DV, DVCAM, HDV Record/Playback (2 available)
by walter biscardi 3 months ago
View ThreadHaving issues with a Digibeta Deck- Is It Broken Or Am I Using ItWrong?
by Kyle Corwin 4 months ago
View ThreadHdv reuses tape recovery!
by Cosmin Pusc 8 months ago
14 months ago
Jeff Pulera
View Threadslog2 = 8-bits in 14 stops?
by toke lahti 4 months ago
24 months ago
toke lahti
View Threadbatch digitising a sequence from tape
by Phil Moss 4 months ago
24 months ago
Phil Moss
View ThreadNeed tripod legs suggestions for 100mm O'Connor
by Seth Marshall 4 months ago
64 months ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadCamera Traing Questions
by Christopher Decker 5 months ago
14 months ago
Bill Davis
View ThreadService: 360 POST LLC
by Caine Parker 5 months ago
View ThreadCapturing directly from old VHS machine
by Paul Gregory 5 months ago
115 months ago
John Rofrano
View ThreadJust landed 8 HOUR long training course for county, no idea how to price it...
by Ted Bragg 5 months ago
45 months ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadThat "n/c" item on the invoice
by Bob Cole 6 months ago
125 months ago
Mike Cohen
View Threadbest way to transcode quickly
by Katie Gates 5 months ago
45 months ago
Ian Cook
View ThreadService: Duncan Craig
by Duncan Craig 5 months ago
View ThreadExporting Video In Same Settings As Original (Or For TV)
by Paolo Mastrangelo 6 months ago
25 months ago
Paolo Mastrangelo
View ThreadVideo Editor and Animation Designer
by Alrounder AHMeD 5 months ago
View ThreadGH4 to FCP7
by Hkron Kron 6 months ago
86 months ago
Michael Gissing
View ThreadService: Pierpaolo Ferlaino
by Pierpaolo Ferlaino 6 months ago
View ThreadHow to transfer from Beta SP?
by John Quinn 6 months ago
36 months ago
John Quinn
View ThreadJVC sr dvm70 problem
by Fredrik Brofalk 6 months ago

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