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DaVinci Resolve

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click to view threadNew forum/name as requested: DaVinci Resolve Basics & Configuration  by Tim Wilson on Apr 27, 2012 at 7:51:55 pm

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View ThreadDa Vici Resolve 11.1 Failed to initialize RED Decoder with the configured number of decoders
by Alexandre Azinheira 1 year ago
26 hours ago
Artyom Zemchenko
View ThreadResolve for VFX pull - using VFX naming from EDL or AAF
by Chris Lundy 3 years ago
26 hours ago
Luke Moorcock
View ThreadMedia Manage in Resolve "Failed" on first clip
by Charles Haine 2 days ago
68 hours ago
Charles Haine
View ThreadStrange fields issue with FCP7/Resolve 11
by Seth Thy 1 day ago
29 hours ago
Michael Gissing
View ThreadNews: Jiangsu TV’s 3D Documentary “The Grand Canal” Edited and Graded with DaVinci Resolve Studio
by Cow News Droid 15 hours ago
View ThreadAvid MC 8.4 + Davinci R 11 Roundtrip not linking AAF "subclips with autosync sound"
by Denis Rosso 18 hours ago
View ThreadCaching of compound clips disabled ?
by Sascha Haber 11 months ago
11 day ago
Bill Russell
View ThreadLast seconds of audio missing
by Urten Ekran 4 days ago
23 days ago
Urten Ekran
View ThreadACES, multiple IDT in Resolve??
by Jonathon Lee 5 days ago
13 days ago
Peter Chamberlain
View ThreadSynced Audio Not Showing in Resolve 11 Timeline
by Jake Keller 1 year ago
73 days ago
Benjamin Steiner
View ThreadRendering To A Blu-Ray Disc
by Nathan Keast 7 days ago
25 days ago
Joseph Owens
View ThreadRound tripping from Premiere to Davinci 12 issue
by Dom Panico 6 days ago
15 days ago
Joseph Owens
View ThreadUHD @ 59.94, system performance...
by Jonathon Lee 7 days ago
27 days ago
Jonathon Lee
View ThreadKirkeby's Breaking the Waves chapters' technique tutorial?
by Adriano Castaldini 7 days ago
View ThreadResolve not sending a video signal out
by David Fulde 1 week ago
41 week ago
Tero Ahlfors
View ThreadConform timecode conflict
by Razvan Dimitriu 1 week ago
21 week ago
Razvan Dimitriu
View Threadneed information for project settings?
by Sachin Desai 1 week ago
61 week ago
Marc Wielage
View Threaddavinci horizontal distortion lines
by Stephen Franciosa 2 weeks ago
31 week ago
Stephen Franciosa
View ThreadResolve/Premiere/After Effects Workflow Using XML Roundtrip?
by Derek Mindler 1 week ago
21 week ago
Derek Mindler
View ThreadAchieving acceptable playback for Multicam Editing
by Florian Saurwein 2 weeks ago
31 week ago
Marc Wielage
View ThreadTutorial: 3 Columns for Flawless Conform. Every File. Every Time.
by Scott Freeman 5 months ago
291 week ago
Scott Freeman
View ThreadResolve exports random clips of my CDNG sequence
by Magnus Roervik 1 week ago
21 week ago
Magnus Roervik
View ThreadDa Vince Resolve on a Mc Book Pro 2011 with NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB
by Rodrigo Levy 1 week ago
11 week ago
Tero Ahlfors
View ThreadGrade in HD and export larger format
by Razvan Dimitriu 2 weeks ago
11 week ago
Peter Chamberlain
View ThreadDaVinci Resolve 12.1 released
by Peter Chamberlain 2 weeks ago
52 weeks ago
Eric Santiago
View ThreadArticle: Building a Broadcast Studio with Blackmagic Design
by Bob Zelin 6 months ago
252 weeks ago
Steve Martin
View ThreadNews: Blackmagic Design Announces DaVinci Resolve 12.1 Update Now Available
by Cow News Droid 2 weeks ago
View ThreadColor picking for the color wheels
by Geoff Johnston 2 weeks ago
12 weeks ago
Joseph Owens
View ThreadPLEASE! Premiere to Davinci round trip
by Matthew Lal 2 weeks ago
12 weeks ago
Geoff Johnston
View Threadfield rendering
by Yasser Amin 2 weeks ago
View ThreadSize changes in fcpx when I export from resolve back to fcp
by Sachin Desai 2 weeks ago
View ThreadPlease Support Element Remapping.
by Mikhail Puzyrev 2 years ago
162 weeks ago
jake blackstone
View ThreadFootage Relink Issue
by Ashley Smith 3 weeks ago
32 weeks ago
Marc Wielage
View ThreadResolve 12 crashed, lost 15 minutes of grading, auto-save missing
by Seth Thy 2 weeks ago
View ThreadIn pre-production of feature film, need advice
by Seth Thy 1 month ago
32 weeks ago
Seth Thy
View Threadsony catalyst prepare can be usefull for resolve
by Ricardo Marty 3 weeks ago
72 weeks ago
Tero Ahlfors
View ThreadA7Sii 4K XML not working?
by David Kosloski 1 month ago
32 weeks ago
Marc Wielage
View ThreadResolve Lite crashes whenever I use the 'Color' area
by Tom Mills 3 weeks ago
View Threadlong clips imported into media pool are partially black
by Bruce Carter 4 weeks ago
143 weeks ago
Bruce Carter
View ThreadResolve slow on windows with the project over 2000 cuts
by Uku Toomet 3 weeks ago
13 weeks ago
Marc Wielage
View ThreadRender Cache is NOT persistent on network attached drives
by Eric Lalicata 4 weeks ago
93 weeks ago
Joakim Ziegler
View ThreadResolve vs. Color Finesse
by Kk Akuoku 3 weeks ago
23 weeks ago
Michael Gissing
View ThreadResolve 12 - Fatal PCIe Error on HP Z840
by Romain Sabourin 3 weeks ago
13 weeks ago
Romain Sabourin
View ThreadCan't Export 3D Lut from Resolve 11
by João Pedro 3 weeks ago
View ThreadPossible to deliver alpha channel in Davinci Resolve Lite?
by Geoff Johnston 4 weeks ago
63 weeks ago
Geoff Johnston
View Thread"Failed to link" when importing XML / EDL / AAF
by Jurjen Versteeg 2 years ago
114 weeks ago
Glenn Sakatch
View ThreadIs there a way to copy grades from DaVinci 12 to 11?
by Nikola Mrdalj 4 weeks ago
14 weeks ago
Glenn Sakatch
View ThreadIts rather a pain in the ass
by Dave Pickett 1 month ago
54 weeks ago
Marc Wielage
View ThreadField Rendering - option for field ordering?
by Jorn Bergmans 4 weeks ago
24 weeks ago
Jorn Bergmans
View ThreadHow come BMPCC footage looks better in PP than in Resolve?
by Urten Ekran 4 weeks ago
54 weeks ago
Michael Gissing
View Thread"Use Render Cached Images" option not working in Resolve 11 with OFX plugins?
by Mel Matsuoka 4 weeks ago
View ThreadPower Windows - Tracking and Strange Behavior
by Robert Olding 4 weeks ago
24 weeks ago
Marc Wielage
View ThreadCross convert in Resolve
by Juan Carlos Aguirre 1 month ago
34 weeks ago
Nikola Mrdalj

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