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Compression techniques

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click to view threadHow to get FASTEST compression help - PLEASE READ  by Craig Seeman on Apr 12, 2009 at 5:13:10 pm

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View ThreadEvery Export Format I Try Looks Bad On YouTube
by Brent Taylor 2 days ago
22 days ago
Brent Taylor
View ThreadEduacational material with lip-reading - what settings?
by Niklas Wikman 3 weeks ago
View Threadvideo file conertor
by Woody Retherford 3 weeks ago
13 weeks ago
Craig Seeman
View Threadpavtube imedia converter question
by Bobby Hall 4 weeks ago
13 weeks ago
Craig Seeman
View ThreadNo longer able to compress in Compressor
by David Scherzer 1 month ago
81 month ago
David Scherzer
View ThreadOT presenting non-square 601 as 4x3
by Paul Dougherty 1 month ago
21 month ago
Paul Dougherty
View ThreadHow to change wrapper and audio without re-encoding video?
by brad hebert 1 month ago
View ThreadVideo and audio joined in Quicktime Pro 7 seen as half-res by Adobe CS6
by Alan Langdon 1 month ago
View ThreadCompression and muted audio tracks and unused film clips!
by paul mattock 1 month ago
View ThreadConverting DVD to mp4 and maintaining menu structure
by Dani Russel 1 month ago
View ThreadHow to export/extract 1 stream from a multiplexed file?
by Dietrich Peeters 2 months ago
32 months ago
Dietrich Peeters
View ThreadSoft/washed out video compression
by Brenden Younan 2 months ago
42 months ago
Brenden Younan
View ThreadCOW Newsletter: Ronald Lindeboom retires from Creative COW
by Creative COW 3 years ago
422 months ago
Noah Kadner
View ThreadCinema Craft vs Episode - Which is better?
by Rob Gutermuth 2 months ago
View ThreadI Need High-Quality HD Videos To Still Look Great at 360p in YouTube
by Aaron Bilgrad 2 years ago
62 months ago
Auki Henry
View ThreadCompression and working with 4K xavc files
by Darren Rice 5 months ago
32 months ago
Jane Kong
View ThreadPerfect Vimeo Encode EXCEPT FIRST SHOT!?
by Alec Eagon 5 months ago
72 months ago
yun kim
View ThreadTrying to increase quality on MPEG-2 for DVD, iMac 5k, compressor 3.5.3, os x yosemite
by Arlin Golden 3 months ago
142 months ago
Craig Seeman
View Threadcodec best for bulk dvd rip?
by Paul Dougherty 4 months ago
22 months ago
Jeff Pulera
View ThreadBest compression settings for video files going on a DVD-Rom?
by Adam Bulley 3 months ago
12 months ago
Craig Seeman
View ThreadTearing on 1920x1080 export FCP7 MPEG4
by Mark Anderson 3 months ago
23 months ago
Mark Anderson
View ThreadInverse color artifacts after compression
by Michael Cowan 3 months ago
13 months ago
Eric Strand
View ThreadNeed software advice for matching delivery specs
by Justin Schultz 5 months ago
73 months ago
Daniel Fletcher

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