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Compression Techniques


click to view threadHow to get FASTEST compression help - PLEASE READ   by Craig Seeman on Apr 12, 2009 at 5:13:10 pm

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View Threadh.264 8k res
by Sergiy Nikolson 1 week ago (new activity on April 29, 2017)
55 hours ago
Sergiy Nikolson
View ThreadGrainless Export Settings From Premiere to Youtube
by Cooper Meyer 1 day ago (new activity on April 28, 2017)
119 hours ago
Craig Seeman
View ThreadDenoising to save file size vs add grain to break banding in compression
by Josh Williams 4 weeks ago (new activity on March 31, 2017)
14 weeks ago
Craig Seeman
View ThreadH.264 to Blu-ray without re-encode
by Robert Sovran 1 month ago
View ThreadTrying to contact DV Creators
by Rick Tejada Flores 1 month ago (new activity on March 20, 2017)
21 month ago
Craig Seeman
View ThreadOptimal Intermediate Codec/Wrapper for Best YouTube/Vimeo upload and playback?
by Ed Hecht 1 month ago (new activity on March 16, 2017)
41 month ago
Ed Hecht
View ThreadUsing MPEG Streamclip to make DNxHD Proxies for Avid
by Jeremy Logan 3 months ago (new activity on February 22, 2017)
22 months ago
Edwin Street
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