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click to view threadPlease do not post here if you do not want Google to track your comments  by Creative COW on Nov 3, 2010 at 11:02:13 pm

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View ThreadBilling for work
by catherinek ny 6 days ago
23 days ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadE&O Insurance for Feature Recommendations?
by Scot Walker 3 days ago
13 days ago
walter biscardi
View ThreadIf Bob Zelin was a Movie Reviewer
by walter biscardi 1 week ago
31 week ago
Tim Wilson
View ThreadDirect mail advertising
by Jacob Anderson 2 weeks ago
101 week ago
Mike Cohen
View ThreadTips for becoming a full time videographer?
by Edward Calabig 1 year ago
201 week ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadWhat would my work have been worth at first glance?
by Rhiannon Matuszak 1 week ago
11 week ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadTrade Show Video Length
by Barbara Adams 2 years ago
152 weeks ago
Ned Miller
View ThreadFinding Full Time Work
by Jensen Yancey 3 years ago
122 weeks ago
Gary Hoffman
View ThreadChina fixer
by Allie Wharf 2 weeks ago
View ThreadPodcast: Post Production: Protect Yourself Before You Sign a Contract
by walter biscardi 11 months ago
12 weeks ago
René Lamonde
View ThreadA good resume for business
by Lindsay Carter 3 weeks ago
42 weeks ago
Richard Herd
View ThreadCan a demo reel include content that you edited using pre-existing material?
by Tayla Blewitt-Gray 3 weeks ago
52 weeks ago
Tayla Blewitt-Gray
View ThreadLegalities of filming at a dog park?
by stan welks 4 weeks ago
42 weeks ago
Todd Terry
View ThreadArticle: Orson Welles' Brief, Passionate Love Affair with Betacam
by Frank Beacham 2 months ago
93 weeks ago
Ty Vann
View ThreadDesperately Seeking Reality Show production advice
by Scott Strain 3 weeks ago
View ThreadNational TV Spot
by Aaron Cadieux 4 weeks ago
94 weeks ago
Nick Griffin
View ThreadWhat to pay contract videographers??
by ron cournoyer 1 month ago
44 weeks ago
Ned Miller
View ThreadAnyone else getting website SPAM?
by Todd Terry 1 month ago
71 month ago
Nick Griffin
View ThreadFreelance Business Advice
by Daniel Hatton 1 month ago
61 month ago
Daniel Hatton
View ThreadGood example about why you shouldn't try to be a DIY lawyer.
by Andrew Kimery 1 month ago
View ThreadStarting a charitable organization
by Jacob Anderson 1 month ago
21 month ago
Mads Nybo Jørgensen
View ThreadBlog: Subscription Based Software - it's not going anywhere
by walter biscardi 2 years ago
191 month ago
Wayne Williams
View ThreadWhat to charge for a 2 minute video with lower quality camcorder footage?
by Ozzy Baines 2 months ago
51 month ago
Mark Suszko
View Threadmy question is regarding ‘host beneficiary’ relationship
by Shez Hussain 2 months ago
21 month ago
Shez Hussain
View ThreadDirect Mail Madness (something just for fun)
by Todd Terry 2 months ago
22 months ago
Mads Nybo Jørgensen
View ThreadCOW Newsletter: Customer Service Tips for Post, Motion 5, TV Studio with BMD
by Creative COW 2 months ago
View ThreadArticle: 7 Customer Service Rules for Better Post Production
by Kylee Wall 2 months ago
View ThreadWho owns the raw files?
by Nae williams 2 months ago
142 months ago
Mads Nybo Jørgensen
View ThreadWhat's with copyrighted music on YouTube?
by Greg Ball 2 months ago
72 months ago
Jason Jenkins
View ThreadWhat would say if you gave a commencement address to film school grads?
by Ned Miller 2 months ago
192 months ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadGoogle earth 3-d footage rights: how and how much?
by Mark Suszko 2 months ago
22 months ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadOne Business or Two
by Jon Davis 2 months ago
42 months ago
Mads Nybo Jørgensen
View ThreadMedical video/animation source?
by Todd Terry 2 months ago
122 months ago
Joseph W. Bourke
View ThreadCongrats to Flanders
by Nick Griffin 2 months ago
12 months ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadHow much to charge a client for an animation
by Frank Picini 7 years ago
152 months ago
omer badine
View ThreadFair Rate For Licensing Of Film
by George Duchow 11 months ago
32 months ago
Albert Johnson
View ThreadMeals on set
by Daniel Stone 2 months ago
92 months ago
Ned Miller
View ThreadDance show DVD
by Oliver Smith 2 months ago
32 months ago
Richard Herd
View ThreadCold Calling/Approaching Production Companies For Job ?
by Clyde Finn 3 months ago
32 months ago
Daniel Stone
View ThreadOpinion on Promo Editor Salary
by Kevin Reynolds 4 years ago
82 months ago
Tim Wilson
View ThreadMarketing Agency Clients
by Mike Jeffs 2 months ago
32 months ago
Todd Terry
View ThreadRates for Voice-Over...?
by Todd Terry 2 months ago
52 months ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadReality......
by Dan Asselin 2 months ago
52 months ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadVimeo Rights Violation
by James Ewart 2 months ago
62 months ago
James Ewart
View ThreadRights issue: using news website screenshots in video
by randall wurster 2 months ago
32 months ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadDifferent rates for different clients?
by Jason Jenkins 3 months ago
93 months ago
Todd Terry
View ThreadLooping a scrolling image in FCPX - how?
by Daniel Lantz 3 months ago
33 months ago
Daniel Lantz
View ThreadTime to let go
by Niel Ferreira 3 months ago
23 months ago
Niel Ferreira
View ThreadCOW Newsletter: Ronald Lindeboom retires from Creative COW
by Creative COW 3 years ago
423 months ago
Noah Kadner

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