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View ThreadAvidFX Video levels
by Neil Ryan 5 days ago
217 hours ago
Neil Ryan
View ThreadMore animations in Boris RED
by Robert Jefferson 2 weeks ago
86 days ago
Robert Jefferson
View ThreadBoris Continuum Complete creating frame jump in Premiere Pro CC 2015
by Dan Callahan 3 weeks ago
13 weeks ago
Jon Kozenko
View ThreadRED in Texas
by Marcus Warren 1 month ago
View ThreadMonitor setup for standalone Red 5.5
by Robert Martindale 2 months ago
22 months ago
Robert Martindale
View ThreadBeyond frustrated with Boris
by Robert Martindale 2 months ago
112 months ago
Robert Martindale
View ThreadVegas & Boris RED 5 comes through again
by Robert Jefferson 3 months ago
52 months ago
Marcus Warren
View ThreadBoris RED feature request
by Marcus Warren 3 months ago
View ThreadCreating Rolling Credits with an Alignment similar to Hollywood movies
by CosmicX 10 years ago
143 months ago
Alexis J. Estevez
View ThreadIs Red 5.5 a paid Upgrade?
by byron kawane 4 months ago
14 months ago
Jon Kozenko
View ThreadHow to uninstall Continuum 6 mac
by Girshon Rutstein 6 years ago
64 months ago
Dan Pinard
View ThreadBoris RED not showing in FCP 7
by Adolfo Tertuliano 3 years ago
44 months ago
Stephanie inniss
View ThreadBCC9 OpenCL Build error
by Mike Hinkel 4 months ago
94 months ago
Russ Froze
View ThreadBCC9: Extruded Text Window doesn't load . . .
by James Simmons 4 months ago
124 months ago
James Simmons
View ThreadBCC 'Launch Text Window' no longer working in Sony Vegas
by Seb Smith 4 months ago
64 months ago
Seb Smith
View ThreadTracking in Boris RED
by Vetal Sokol 8 years ago
54 months ago
Ben Carlson
View Threadbcc 7 layers greyed out
by Joop Geurts 5 months ago
View ThreadBoris RED Transition Problem
by Nyann Smith 5 months ago
25 months ago
Nyann Smith
View ThreadCOW Newsletter: Ronald Lindeboom retires from Creative COW
by Creative COW 3 years ago
425 months ago
Noah Kadner
View ThreadText warping effect
by jimmy Napton 6 months ago
35 months ago
peter mcauley
View ThreadObscuration Layer Avid Lens Flare
by Chris Dunstan 6 months ago
35 months ago
peter mcauley
View ThreadJust a few notes
by Marcus Warren 6 months ago
15 months ago
peter mcauley
View ThreadAnimation with Boris RED
by Robert Jefferson 6 months ago
96 months ago
Robert Jefferson
View ThreadBCC9 Chroma Key Studio / Vegas / multiple inside masks
by Stewart Bourke 6 months ago
16 months ago
Tom Vance
View ThreadBeat Reactor for RED
by Marcus Warren 6 months ago
16 months ago
peter mcauley

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