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Richard Crowley
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Brian Reynolds
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Bruce Watson
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Peter Groom
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John Fishback
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D.j. Monopoli
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Audio Professionals

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View ThreadAudio-Technica System 10 or Rodelink Wireless system?
by D.j. Monopoli 2 days ago
1438 minutes ago
Richard Crowley
View ThreadHow To Make Mono Tracks Into Stereo Using Audacity
by Rich Hanes 4 days ago
317 hours ago
Peter Groom
View ThreadStudio Baron Los Angeles?
by Nick Griffin 1 day ago
View ThreadNews: Sony Pictures Post Production Services Talent Garner MPSE and CAS Nominations for Sound
by Cow News Droid 2 days ago
View ThreadNeed quick confirmation regarding strong echo in recording!
by Sophia Smoloka 1 week ago
62 days ago
Sophia Smoloka
View ThreadENG mic handling noise suppression
by Tom Prigge 1 week ago
53 days ago
Peter Groom
View ThreadNews: iZotope Celebrates 15th Birthday with 64-bit Version of Free Vinyl Plug-in
by Cow News Droid 4 days ago
View ThreadAudio for Documentary Advice
by Michael Brown 1 week ago
26 days ago
Michael Brown
View ThreadXlr to 3.5 or Xlr to usb?
by Pablo Crespo 1 week ago
36 days ago
Richard Crowley
View ThreadZOOM H4N & Audio technica 70 pro
by Vasja Mihelcic 1 week ago
41 week ago
Ty Ford
View ThreadXLR to PC Line-In Adapter
by Dylon Noon 1 week ago
11 week ago
Ty Ford
View ThreadSound Design 664 -- Prefade or Postfade ISOs?
by Alexander Perlman 2 weeks ago
12 weeks ago
Ty Ford
View Threadfeedback on mic quality, please
by Nehemiah Stark 2 weeks ago
12 weeks ago
Ty Ford
View ThreadBuzzing sound on old movie projector.
by Linda O'Connell 2 weeks ago
22 weeks ago
Linda O'Connell
View ThreadSony WRT-8p
by Piotr Niemcewicz 3 years ago
63 weeks ago
Bill Onibokun
View Thread100 Watt, 20 pound, battery-powered speaker amp for playback
by Ty Ford 3 weeks ago
View ThreadZOOM H4n Material lost on SD Card
by Sascha Engel 4 years ago
463 weeks ago
Karl Chelette
View ThreadOMF files why are they asking for aif's?
by Larry Watts 3 weeks ago
23 weeks ago
Peter Groom
View ThreadRecord a voice with face mask
by Johnny Webb 4 weeks ago
33 weeks ago
Ty Ford
View ThreadAudio recorded to Zoom H4N from sound board at venue is distorted, but not peaking on recording device
by Joe Bressler 4 weeks ago
43 weeks ago
Peter Groom
View ThreadRecording Audio on Zoom H4N with Rode NTG 4+
by Phil Parkinson 4 weeks ago
14 weeks ago
Brian Reynolds
View ThreadCOW Newsletter: Remembering Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC; Remembering David Bowie; Editing Star Wars
by Creative COW 1 month ago
View ThreadMain output LED display out on Yamaha EMX512sc mixer
by Bob Mark 1 month ago
21 month ago
Bob Mark
View Threadusing a stereo plugin power mic with phantom XLR inputs...
by Shea A.J. Comfort 1 month ago
91 month ago
Shea A.J. Comfort
View ThreadTips for adding background music to dialogue driven videos?
by Victor Osaka 1 month ago
51 month ago
John Fishback
View ThreadWireless lavalier noise
by jonathan young 1 month ago
31 month ago
Victor Osaka
View ThreadNews: Statement From Steven Poster, ICG President, On Death Of Vilmos Zsigmond
by Cow News Droid 1 month ago
View ThreadLav mic problem
by Tarek Fouda 1 month ago
11 month ago
Brian Reynolds
View ThreadAdvice / Feedback on mic pre amp and audio interface selection for animated show
by Emmet Blake 2 months ago
41 month ago
John Fishback
View ThreadAudio-Technica BP40 Hypercardioid Dynamic mic Review
by Ty Ford 1 month ago
View Threadmatch additional microphones in protocols using only timecode on an existing edit
by Stephen Franciosa 2 months ago
61 month ago
Stephen Franciosa
View ThreadUsing two recorders - one as backup
by Peter Robertson 2 months ago
112 months ago
Ty Ford
View ThreadSennheiser G3 vs Audio Technica 1801 Dual Wireless System
by Ken S. 4 months ago
102 months ago
Stan Thomas
View Threadadvice on upgrading my recording setup
by david Hartman 2 months ago
22 months ago
Al Bergstein
View ThreadHere's my final AES/NYC show report - RME, Radial Engineering, Tascam, Lewitt, Zoom, Cloud Mics and Shure this time with lots of booth video.
by Ty Ford 2 months ago
View ThreadStreamline workflow
by Larry Watts 2 months ago
12 months ago
Ty Ford
View Threadrecommendation for levalier mic for use in noisy environments
by phil sheldon 2 months ago
112 months ago
phil sheldon
View Threadsennheiser G3 transmitter cable
by Craig Alan 3 months ago
102 months ago
Craig Alan
View ThreadAudio-Technica ATH-M50x vs Audio-Technica ATH-M50
by Craig Alan 3 months ago
42 months ago
Craig Alan

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