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Medea firmware update x149

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RonMedea firmware update x149
by on Feb 7, 2003 at 4:57:20 pm

Just noticed this update while reading the new cinewave config PDF. Anyone update their Medea RTR/RTRX yet?


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Ron FrankRe: Medea firmware update x149
by on Feb 7, 2003 at 8:47:03 pm

I did. It appears to work fine. I've not shut down my machine is OSX since I've updated my drives. That's when my problems ocurred with 148. I'll know on Monday if it works.

Ron Frank

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NateRe: Medea firmware update x149
by on Feb 7, 2003 at 11:15:47 pm

I went to x149 two weeks ago when I thoughtI lost a drive in the RTRX. Medea Tech support was great, told me that OSX.2.3 will sometimes knock a drive out just to make sure you are paying attention... All I had to do was power down Mac and RTRX > pull the bad drive > power up / wait a couple > power down RTRX - reinstall drive > power up - wait for RTRX to auto- reconfiquare drive and I was back in business.. I loaded x149 and an update from Atto that let me power up in OS9.2.2 and see my RTRX. Now I have the RTRX in Jaguar OSX.2.3/classic and OS9.2.2..

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Justin AllenRe: Medea firmware update x149
by on Feb 8, 2003 at 12:58:14 am

Works fine for me as well. I've had it on my RT240's for about 2 months.

Justin Allen
Katana Interactive

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RonRe: x149 works nice... QT6.1, FCP and scrubbing
by on Feb 9, 2003 at 4:24:28 am

x149 is working nicely on my RTR... better scrub performance both forward and back in FCP using JKL. QT playback is phenominal. I scrubed through a one hour clip and could swear I saw every frame!! (QT6.1) I only wish I can get this same scrubbing performance inside of FCP. Where does the bottleneck happen? If FCP is based on QT, why can't we get the same scrub performance as with the raw QT application... ala Avid? And its not Cinewave, because I can scrub though a Cinewave clip in QT6.1 and see every frame whiz by on the monitor.

Whats up wit that, Apple?


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mishkaRe: x149 works nice... QT6.1, FCP and scrubbing
by on Feb 9, 2003 at 10:34:43 pm

I am quick to blame CinéWave for most of the problems I get but scrubbing I feel is something Apple helped to mess up. It used to be that any QT card would start sending video out as soon as a clip in compatible codec was opened in any application. When Apple added DV they shifted the task of sending video out from system to applications apparently because DV is less video and more data. CinéWave more faithfully follows Mac tradition and that's why it seems we generally get better scrubbing on the external monitor with External Video turned off in FCP.

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