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My OSX Install Experience... a good one :)

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My OSX Install Experience... a good one :)
on Jan 15, 2003 at 5:12:46 pm

I thought I was home free with my upgrade until I realized that I DO need a new graphics card (as echoed numerous times on this site). Things were going sooo well until I played back a capture. I'm still running through a lot of capture and playback tests, but early indications are a clean, successful install for FCP and Cinewave 3.0 (I have not added any Adobe, Boris, or audio programs yet). I'm using one monitor for now with 1GB of RAM until I order the Rage9000 card everyone is suggesting.

Briefly, I followed the Pinnacle instructions... I read the boards and took notes. Not one problem during the 10 hour process... and what an addictive process it was:

Downloaded tons of firmware updates
Downloaed tons of software updates
Made a MASTER Cinewave CD-ROM that included ALL updates from "Atto" to "Wacom"
Backed up G4 to Lacie120
Disconnected all external devices
Re-booted G4 with Apple restore disk and reformatted drives.
Partitioned internal drive... named OSX (12GB) and Mac HD (8GB)
Re-installed OS9 and FCP 1.2.5 <----- that was fun to see after 2 years
Updated to OS9.1, OS9.2, OS9.2.2
Updated to FCP 3.0, 3.0.2
Installed TargaCine software 1.0
Upgraded to 2.0, 2.1RT
Confirmed Softraid with internal Atlas 10K's... it worked. <---- came with original purchase.
Check that everything worked.... it did.
Re-Booted to Jaguar CD... Installed OS10.2 on OSX Partition
Upgraded to OS10.2.3
Installed FCP 3 for OSX
Updated to 3.0.4
Updated Quicktime
Installed Cinewave 3.0RT
Upgraded to RTPro
Installed Express Stripe ($99 from
Configured internal Atlas 10K drives as a Raid0
Confirmed everything worked... it did
Re-Booted to OS9.... Turned on Medea 480RTR and 120RT
Performed firmware updates.
Confimed Atto UL3D firmware version
Re-Booted to OS10.2.3
Configured Medea drives with Express Stripe- both as their own raid- to Pinnacle specs.
Installed Wacom tablet softwre
Installed Stealth Port upgrade for OSX
Confirmed everything worked... it did
Captured clips... playback was no good, but capture was fine.
Removed Rage128 PCI card.
ALL IS WELL!!! Yeeeaaaaaahhhhh

So now the task continues with installing the rest of my video and audio apps and plugins.
Then I'll reinstall some stuff for OS9. Then I'll order the 9000 graphics card.
Then I get to do it all over again for my Powerbook-- minus the hardware of course.
One good thing in all of this is I gain a PCI slot again. Maybe ATI will honor it as a trade-in.

OSX boots very quickly 15 seconds tops!! Maybe that will change when I start loading my apps.

System specs:
G4 DP500, 1 GB RAM, 16MB Rage ATI card, Atto UL3D, 2 36GB Atlas 10K, Medea480RTR, Medea 120RT, Lacie 120FW, Lacie 80FW, Cinewave 3.0RT Pro, Pro Analog BOB, DSR20, Mackie 1402, 2 NEC FE950 19" monitors, Sony PVM14M2U, Wacom tablet, iMedia, EZKeyboard, Canon scanner and printer, Belkin FW hubs, Stealth port, Samson DMS80 monitor system. FCP3.0.4, AE, PS, AI, Commotion Pro 4.1, Boris Graffiti, Deck, Peak....blah, blah, blah.

Hope this helps anyone with "older" systems...I am absolutely amazed at how easy this was (knock, knock, knock). I started at 9pm...finished installs and upgrades at 6am. Put on some good music, grab some congac, and plan to be there for a while. Be careful and thorough and you should have no problems. (knock, knock, on woood.


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Johan Edstrom
Re: My OSX Install Experience... a good one :)
on Jan 15, 2003 at 5:52:51 pm

Got a Radeon 9000 card today. It's used (was in a factory config. mirror door that someone decided should have a GeForce 4Ti.) Hope it works. No manual, no box, no warrenties.

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Re: My OSX Install Experience... a good one :)
on Jan 15, 2003 at 8:29:32 pm

Let me know how you make out. I'm going to order one today and see if I can get a deal from ATI with their trade-up program. I have 2 Rage 128 cards (AGP and PCI) that should take the sting out of the 9000 purchase. My second monitor looks so lonely. :)

Does this mean you dove in and upgraded? Or did I beat you to it?


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Johan Edstrom
Re: My OSX Install Experience... a good one :)
on Jan 15, 2003 at 10:21:46 pm

Can't upgrade quite yet. I still have about 4 uncompleted projects scattered all of my drives and don't dare to trash anything. I'm putting this one in another box for now just to see if it is at all functional. (I still have an order at my retailer for one more.)

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