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Is India 2-byte ready ?

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weesungIs India 2-byte ready ?
by on Jan 10, 2002 at 9:43:44 am

I have few question.

We use Cinewave with FCP2, soon FCP3 in KOREA.

1) Can India work with 2-bye character? Like Korean, Chinese, Japanese.

2) Can it be realtime in FCP3 ?

3) Will it be develope in OS X.

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Robbie WillsRe: Is India 2-byte ready ?
by on Jan 10, 2002 at 7:53:28 pm

Answers to questions 1 and 3 will have to come from Prismo. But regarding Q2, there is no app like this that can run realtime in FCP or any other program. Realtime in FCP is based on pre-existing frames that the machine has already captured and to which slight modifications are made. Such as cross-fades, dissolves, etc.

In programs that create animations from nothing pre-existing -- like India, After Effects, 3D programs, etc. -- you'd have to have an incredibly powerful multi-processor machine to pump through in realtime the amount of data that's being created in apps like these.


Robbie Wills

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Sjon UeckertRe: Is India 2-byte ready ?
by on Jan 10, 2002 at 11:12:29 pm

Although the Asian system software has 2byte characters (Kanji), I doubt that India would be able to handle those (at least in its first iteration), but that might be a nice problem to pose for future versions. You could build your own DV font using the charaters you need (although I understand there are over 40,000 characters in the Kanji "alphabet"). Robbie summed up the real - time rendering question quite well. I use an RT(real-time)Mac card in a fairly fast Mac and anything I do in Lightwave, or India always needs to be rendered. Not that I'm complaining. Any thing I tried to do in FCP that comes anywhere near the results I get with India pro would take twenty times the time I spend on just rendering out an India Pro title.

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Rob WarrenRe: Is India 2-byte ready ?
by on Jan 17, 2002 at 4:20:08 pm

Great Question!

I do projects that HAVE to be tranlated and voiced over into Chinese, Japanese, Russian,......

I won't even consider the India Titler unless it supported UNICODE properly.

C'mon guys it isn't that hard. I've been writing Unicode aware apps for 5 years now. Even Windows CE even is built around a UNICODE base. Sure it's only going work on WINXP or WIN2K. Pretty soon Win98 will be a thing of the past anyways. What's it going to take? Every programming book has a section on coding for Unicode. So does the MSDN section of the Microsoft site. Look and learn. Need some code samples? I'll send you some. I just wrote my own UNICODE text effect for AE because Adobe's version didn't support Unicode. It really isn't that hard. You can even use the same code base just complile with different #defines. One for non-unicode and one for unicode. Probably take about a week (or less) to make the changes.

Engligh isn't the only language on this planet (even though I've met enough people to make me believe otherwise)

If you can't support double-byte character sets you aren't worth much to me and a number of users.

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Tom LangmacherRe: Is India 2-byte ready ?
by on Jan 17, 2002 at 5:25:49 pm

We have had a few requests for Unicode and it's on the list of things to do. Currently we're hard at work on Version 2 so it's just a matter of what comes first. Our primary focus at the moment is keyframe editing and warping shadows, glows, outlines and extrusions. We are also exploring on board Volumetric lighting tools as an addition to V2. Unicode will come along somewhere in all of this!


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Rob WarrenRe: Is India 2-byte ready ?
by on Jan 18, 2002 at 6:38:18 pm

Great product! I'll be waiting. I need a good unicode aware titler. Add it to the India product and I'll have everything I ever wanted, and more!

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Tom LangmacherRe: Is India 2-byte ready ?
by on Jan 17, 2002 at 5:33:38 pm

Any graphic that is to be layered in Final Cut 3 will have to be rendered in Final Cut, this includes animations from India Pro, After Effects and others.

We are working to have a carbonized version for the Mac (OSX) within about a month.


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