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As much as I hate to have to ask.....

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Michael MunkittrickAs much as I hate to have to ask.....
by on Mar 27, 2002 at 6:58:49 am

...Why does my Mac not like my ISP? I have been using OS 9.2.2 for over a year now and the damnedest thing happens when I try to conect to my ISP. NOTHING! I can't figure it out. I'm begining to think that it doesn't like Macs, but I don't think that prejudice is possible with these machines. Am I wrong?

I get the dial-tone. It acts as if it has found the ISP. I hear the external dialer buzzing up a storm, then refused connection, or remote computer terminated connection. What am I doing wrong?


PS- My ISP has less of a clue than I do as the simply purchase the licence through a much larger, out of town company who continues to refer me the the local office...ARGH!

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loki der quaelerRe: As much as I hate to have to ask.....
by on Mar 27, 2002 at 7:36:50 am

this seems to be a chronic problem with mac modems (along with low connection speeds); apple has hemmed and hawed greatly over it's ghost-in-the-machine like nature (see tech article 24803 at apple for an example of a document continually updated over 2 years trying to explain and impotently solve the issue). i haven't ever seen a concrete solution to this problem.

(this is also why i travel with my vaio laptop and powerbook at the same time - using the vaio to connect to my isp and act as a firewall/router for my powerbook; my powerbook won't hold a dial-up connection for more than 15 minutes, whereas the vaio running win 2k holds it more than 8 hours.)

:-( sorry


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Michael MunkittrickRe: Crap....
by on Mar 27, 2002 at 7:48:24 am

I figured as much, but the damn thing keeps loggin-on, then imediately kicks me off. It is very frustrating....


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bogiesanRe: Crap....
by on Mar 27, 2002 at 3:46:06 pm

Well, my information is contradictory.

TCP/IP is the same stuff no matter what platform it's coming from. There's no way for the host to tell the difference on a level that would alter its behavior toward a Macintosh data stream.

There are other factors, true.

On a LAN, the despicable Windows system routers must have some trashy Macintosh services activated. That subtle IP addressing system or if some IT monkey trips over a cord and a Cisco switch gets reset.

Try getting a copy of "Internet Security For Macs" or one of the broadband buyers guides. There's one in both of the "Dummies" and" For complete Idiots" series.


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loki der quaelerRe: Crap....
by on Mar 27, 2002 at 6:43:18 pm

you're absolutely correct about TCP/IP information, but i don't think anyone is seriously suggesting that his ISP, or anyone else's ISP, has a conspiracy against mac users and is providing crappy connections to macs on purpose.

as i wrote, it's somewhat ghost-in-the-machine - but it definitely exists.. take a gander at the apple discussion group:

Discussions > PowerBook > PowerBook G4 Computers > Internet Networking

and the thread titled "Internal Modem Troubles!!!!!" for users concurring and complaining on this thread alone since 11.mar.2001


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Tim BeatonRe: Crap....
by on Mar 31, 2002 at 2:35:11 pm

don't understand this, as I have been using several Macs over the years, and recently OSX on my G4, and although the Internet Connect panel seems to have some bad bugs in it (spinning disks, wacky cursor behaviour, etc, ) I have no problem and never have done in maintaining an ISP connection. An occasional dropped line, but I have that with PCs at work.

Certainly Apple need to sort out the bugs in Internet Connect, but the above has never been an issue for me!


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