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xl1s or gl1 Captue problem

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Stephen Hopkins
xl1s or gl1 Captue problem
on Feb 11, 2002 at 11:28:40 pm

Hi all;
It's good to know there is a forum where one can ask for unopinionated, open advice and information.
So mabe somebody here knows this problem I had today.
This dosen't bother me since I have recently been in technical hell and I know it cannot go on forever.
This morning, I was trying to capture some footage with my shinny new Canon xl1s. This footage was shot I believe LP, with a sony on 90 min cassettes, but I could not get the the xl1s to see/play the tapes properly.
I am getting all kinds of distortions and skips on the sound track with xl1s, gl1and/or won't play picture in the right time frame, or won't play.

When I called Tech support, I first had to request another technician because of his arrogant attittude about other brands of cameras.
Canon says, Tapes recorded on other cameras Blah Blah - Standard Line Does anyone know this or similar problem?

Also Later Today, I took these same tapes to B& H photo where I was able to play them in any number of consumer and pro cameras and decks with not one problem and even outstanding quality on the Panasonic editing deck.
These same tapes refused to play on either the B&H Canon xl1s and gl1.
So It's not me right?

Can someone say something to clarify the matter better than the standard Canon line, which is no excuse, and dosen't even make sense, before I start bad mouthing them at the next FCP meeting tomorrow.

Thanks All;


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Peter Ralph
Re: xl1s or gl1 Captue problem
on Feb 12, 2002 at 3:40:55 am

i've heard of similar problems

I use a sony deck and have never had a problem with that deck not being able to play tapes recorded on canon cameras -

What was canon's explanation?

I guess if canon cameras cannot play back tapes recorded in other cameras then that fact should be made known.


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Dave McLure
Re: xl1s or gl1 Captue problem
on Feb 15, 2002 at 6:21:50 am

Not that anyone would really care about this, but I had a similar problem on my older Cannon A1 Digital (hi8) video camera. It got to the point where tapes recorded on the very same camera could not be played back on anything else but the camera I shot them on. Eventually, the tapes couldn't even be played back on the actual camera used to record them, which was when I realized it was time for some drastic camera maintenance! I sent the camera in to repair and it came back completely tuned - tapes could once again be viewed on any hi8 player.

I realize this isn't even a DV experience (for one thing, I have yet to buy my first DV camera, so I feel a little left out), but I wonder whether maybe it's something to do with Cannon transports in general or something?


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James Diefenderfer
Re: xl1s or gl1 Captue problem
on Feb 24, 2002 at 6:28:07 am

i too had a similar problem awhile back with my xl1. i had my tech guys strip down the camera and clean the heads very well and stopped using any DV tape except for Panasonics. the problem has never returned.

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