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Loud Harddrives

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JasonLoud Harddrives
by on Jul 16, 2004 at 5:07:44 pm

My tower has 5 harddrives and 4 fans in it. I use it for video editing. When I get ready to record a voice-over, it sound like I'm sitting in the cockpit of a 747. So far I've been running a cable into the next room and recording voice-overs in there, but it would be a lot more convenient if I could do them in front of my computer.

Any solutions?
THanks in advance,

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Thomas LeongRe: Loud Harddrives
by on Jul 16, 2004 at 8:59:11 pm

One idea would be to site the pc in the next room, with your monitor(s), keyboard and mouse, and microphone in the edit room. A small hole in the wall would allow those cables through. You could wire a an extension to the pc's power switch for convenience.

To cut down on echoes, use egg 'crates' on the walls where the recording is happening, just enough to break up the reflected soundwaves. They are not fire-proof though, so be aware.

A ridiculously looking alternative is to use a 3-sided cardboard box over your head and mic as you record. Well, if no one else is in the room, who's to know?

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mike velteRe: Loud Harddrives
by on Jul 16, 2004 at 9:12:11 pm

I hope its not the hard drives you are hearing...most likely the CPU and PSU fans.
The last Asus mothboard I bought had a strange accessory in the box...a panel that mounts in a 5" bay with a rotary knob that controls the speed of the CPU fan. I crank this down during VO recording (and hopefully back up during rendoring).

Toms ideas were very good, although its obvious he is not married....HOLES in the walls!!

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JasonRe: Loud Harddrives
by on Jul 17, 2004 at 1:58:19 pm

I have internal DVD/CD/Floppies. I need to keep my tower near my monitors. I think the "sound booth" will have to work.

I turned off my fans one by one and it seems to be the drives that are loud. They're not grinding or obnoxious, there's just so many that they sound like a vaccuum cleaner is running in the next room. I have a very nice studio mic and it is very sensitive, so the slightest noise is amplified.

Anyway, thanks for the input.

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Thomas LeongRe: Loud Harddrives
by on Jul 17, 2004 at 6:38:40 pm


I'm married but still a bachelor in some ways :)

The hole in the wall idea is not mine. One of the Canopus users, has done it! He also had the DVD/CD-RW wired and stuck to the wall next to his monitors into the edit room side of the wall to facilitate access. Here is the link to the discussion to eliminate/reduce noise. Unfortunately, the link to his pictures of his hole-in-the-wall setup is gone -
Discussion on PC Noise

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