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DVD Studio Pro 1.5 Motion Menu Looping Problem...

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Kert GartnerDVD Studio Pro 1.5 Motion Menu Looping Problem...
by on Oct 1, 2002 at 3:10:07 am


I'm just starting to learn DVD Studio Pro, so if there's a simple answer to this problem that i'm overlooking, I appologize :)

I'm creating my motion menus in After Effects, and importing the rendered files into DVDSP 1.5. I want my menu to loop, and I've created the animation in After Effects so that it loops seamlessly. When I import the rendered file, make it a menu, and set it to loop, it acts fine, but it clips the last 1.5 or so seconds of my animation and then loops it. The menu is only 15 seconds long. (the one in the tutorial is over 30, so I don't think that's the problem)

If I set the menu to not loop, it plays to the end perfectly. I've set the timeout delay to 3 seconds and told it to return to the same menu after the timeout. Doing that, it seems to work almost perfectly, with a small pause at the end of the animation. But the side effect of that is that the selected button always goes back to the 1st button when it loops, which is pretty aggravating.

I've looked in the manual, and gone through the tutorial, and haven't been able to find an answer to this. Any help would be appreciated.


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Noah KadnerRe: DVD Studio Pro 1.5 Motion Menu Looping Problem...
by on Oct 1, 2002 at 4:39:18 am

the delay is normal and the button returning is also normal. My advice from a design standpoint would be to make the clip longer in AFX. Your clip is a 15 second loop- so repeat it 3 times in AFX and then import that 1 min clip into DVDSP. Then it will look like it's looping- but the button will stay in place and most viewers will make a selection before the minute is up.


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Kert GartnerRe: DVD Studio Pro 1.5 Motion Menu Looping Problem...
by on Oct 1, 2002 at 1:48:29 pm

That's one solution I was thinking of... Thanks :)

On a whim, I decided to compile the DVD and test it using Apple's DVD player. I opened up the troublesome menu, and it looped perfectly, just the way I wanted. So, maybe it's just the preview that's messed up in DVDSP? I guess I won't know for sure untill I burn the DVD and test it out.

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