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Any suggestions on achieving a certain look of a black light poster for a short?

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Any suggestions on achieving a certain look of a black light poster for a short?
on Jan 7, 2004 at 6:31:00 pm

I attend film school and I am finishing up a script for a short which I want the over all look to be that of a black light poster. I know I could achieve this easily with animation, but I want to do it with live action instead. Its a fantasy short about a wizard's every day life. I want to give the look of vibrant purples, reds, oranges, greens, but keep a deep black and dark look to it to give it the feel of a black light poster. Any thoughts on how to achieve such a look like this? I have looked for some color correction books on how to do similar color changes but this doesn't seem to be a subject I can find. I have available to me Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid, Combustion, After Effects, Photoshop, and 3D Studio Max (to do special effects with) as the tools I can use. Would filters be a good thing to use first? I am going to be using miniDV as the format, hopefully using the DVX100a soon for it. What about lighting as well? Just looking for some suggestions, if any. Thanks.

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David Jones
Re: Any suggestions on achieving a certain look of a black light poster for a short?
on Jan 7, 2004 at 6:44:07 pm

How about using black light paint on the objects you intend to shoot,
Then light with black lights?

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Re: Any suggestions on achieving a certain look of a black light poster for a short?
on Jan 7, 2004 at 7:21:06 pm

Thanks. I was thinking of trying that but for only certain sets because I will be outside for a lot of the shots. I couldn't possibly do that to trees, grass, pathways, and such. As for painting in the sets and doing that method I want to be careful and maintain an even look to it. So if I do that look on one scene and not the next I don't want to have an uneven color scheme happening. So I thought maybe doing highlights in a practical way like that (paint, costumes, prop design)and then achieving the over all look in post.

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Kriszta Szabo
for advice, maybe not at the right place
on Jan 8, 2004 at 3:21:57 pm

Hello whoever you are!
Excuse my english, it’s not my native tongue.
I found a link to this page from Adam Wilt’s homepage, which helped me a lot. Still I’d like to ask your opinion, although I’m not sure that this is your field of activity. If not please excuse me.
I am a 26 years old “artist” from Romania, I finished photography but I want to make films. I recently got 3000 dollars as a gift and I wish to set up a little studio made of camcorder, computer and video recorder. I realize now that I can’t have a “Matrox RT extreme” and other extras but…. I’m dreaming to be able to do all what professionals do, with the minimum technical support but with a lot of work to compensate.
I want to buy a quality brand Mini DV camcorder witch I want to use to do short fictions, documentaries etc. but I have only 1500-2000 US dollars. In two words I yearn for a professional one but I try to find all I expect at consumers’ price.
Also I do not know much about technical stuff. I spent the last days searching and I learned a lot but I could use an opinion from a professional. I don’t have friends who know that much. Could you advise me what should I buy?

I will list here what I want from my camcorder:

1. Quality lenses and recording
2. FireWire
3. At least 24-80mm focal lenght
4. Manual Focus too
5. Manual Zoom too
6. Manual Iris too
7. Manual White Balance too
8. Image stabilizer (optical if possible)
9. Good Macro (let say sharpness at 10-20 mm)
10. Different Shutter Speeds (and different numbers of frames /second) recording
11. Interval recording (let say 1 sec. in every minute)

Luxury: These would be good too but I don’t know if my money is enough for it:
1. Frame Movie Mode
2. Switch from 4:3 ratio to real 16:9
3. Recording at low lux

Which I don’t need (I don’t want to pay for it in excess): Strobe, Wipe … and other consumer-oriented tricks.

A PS for my curiosity: At the 10th point I dream about clear images about fast moving objects. This I understand.
What I don’t understand entirely is how can I make a quality slow motion? In my mind I figured that if I record a scene at more than 25/frames per second (lets say 60fps) and I capture to the computer all 60 frames /sec maybe I can make a quality slow motion because the editing program doesn’t have to invent new frames but make a 25fps from the 60fps (makes 2 second of film out of 1 sec). Is it possible or it’s nonsense?

Thank you, thank you


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