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NEED HELP ASAP: Sony Vx-1000 problems

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framespersecondNEED HELP ASAP: Sony Vx-1000 problems
by on Sep 24, 2002 at 8:52:23 pm

I borrowed a Sony VX-1000 to capture footage via firewire onto my computer. I had two tapes I was capturing from. The first one it was unable to get aduio and video but had timecode. The second it was able to get audio and video but no timecode. So, I captured the second on the fly. When I played it back on the monitor it looks like a computer monitor with 256 colors instead of millions. I know my footage does not look like that. So, I decided to just play the tape directly to the monitor to see whether it was my computer or the camera. Well, it looks as though it's the camera, not the computer that is having all these problems. If the camera came with a remote, I don't have it. Is there anyway I can fix this problem or is the camera messed-up?


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Michael MunkittrickRe: NEED HELP ASAP: Sony Vx-1000 problems
by on Sep 25, 2002 at 3:13:38 am

One of two possibilities is you problem.

First, extremely dirty or mistreated heads. You can get some extrordinay color-banding effects by never cleaning your heads.

Next, it might be a faulty connection within the head assembly.

It is definitely within the camera. Your best bet is to send it into a Sony service center STAT and let them do a full clean and restor of the heads and that alone might bring you back up to speed. If not, Sony is the only people I'd trust with repairing the heads in a VX.


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chris johnstonRe: NEED HELP ASAP: Sony Vx-1000 problems
by on Sep 25, 2002 at 3:59:31 am

Were both these tapes RECORDED with this camera or are you just trying to capture the tapes to your computer using this VX1000? If you're just trying to capture using this cam, pop a new tape in and record something. Then capture that to your computer. You may find that the camera is fine. Many less expensive cameras have big trouble swapping tapes.

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