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Hard Case Concerns

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Kevin J RailsbackHard Case Concerns
by on Jun 27, 2002 at 5:45:37 am

Well, I bit the bullet and bought my PD150. I also ordered a hard case from B&H exactly like this one
Does anyone else have this case? I'm concerned that the top of the case is pushing down on the mic and it's holder. There can't be much clearance in the top of the case.

I noticed the mike holder is flexible ( well at least mine is ) if you push up on it gently but the top of the case would be pushing down. I'd hate to have to send in my PD150 only two days old because I broke the mike holder.



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Kevin J RailsbackRe: Hard Case Concerns
by on Jun 27, 2002 at 7:51:32 pm

I called Sony Pro services this morning and asked them about the case. They recommended I call B&H where I bought it from and ask them if that's the way it's supposed to be. I said you mean that you guys don't have information about your own product?!? All he could say ws that if he had one around he'd check it for me.

So, if anyone has the Sony PD150TH case please let me know if the mik holder screw is hitting the top of your case and leaving an impression in the blue felt.


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John SharafRe: Hard Case Concerns
by on Jun 28, 2002 at 12:33:58 am


That's a typical responce from Sony! You have to know that you're pretty much on your own; this is true not only with consumer/prosumer gear but also in the broadcast realm from them!

Personally I case my 150 in a soft case specifically made for it, as the camera/case is small enough that I wouldn't consider checking it as luggage on a plane and feel that the soft case protects the camera sufficiently while in transit in a car or on location from the elements.

The mike and mount do noticably stick out and consume an inordinate amount of space in the case (both yours and mine) so I often just remove the mike and stow it elsewhere in the case to make room for other things; you could try this technique in an effort to prevent damage as well!

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Kevin J RailsbackRe: Hard Case Concerns
by on Jun 28, 2002 at 1:23:51 am


Thanks for the reply. By removing the mik are you talking about removing the two screws that hold the mic holder in place?
I have plenty of clearance for the mic, it's that darn screw that hold the mic clamp together that's hitting the top of the case. Otherwise I'd be right as rain.I hate to think I have to carry a screwdriver around and screw that back together everytime I pull it out of the case. I also want to make sure I wouldn't void the warrany by taking that off as well.

I have a soft case for it ( well sort of) it's a Lowe Photo trekker that it will fit in fine for trips out in the woods and stuff. I also bought this hard case so if it gets kicked around while flying here and there it has some extra protection.

Well, my wife is an attorney in a firm with 10 other attorneys so maybe if the mic holder snaps off and Sony doesn't want to honor the warranty it'll give them something to do. :-)


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