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Paul PitzelEditors Opinion
by on Jan 22, 2002 at 6:33:48 pm

Hi guy's

A Demo reel is one thing but....

I am asking some of you editors a question regerding your paper resumes. I am a avid/Media 100 user. My old Employer retired. I relocated to Vacnouver from the Yukon of all places. Yes we do have technology there too. I am having a hard time marketing my self in a bigger city. Would any of you Pro's (richard are you listing? You give great advise...) be able to e-mail me some of your paper resumes. it does not need to be real. I could use as an reference to my paper resume.

Technical writting is not my strong point. I am hugely dyslexic. I some times miss a few good points. Examples go a long way with me.

If any one want to give me feed back on my paper resume I could really use the help.


Paul Pitzel

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grinnerRe: Editors Opinion
by on Jan 22, 2002 at 6:44:40 pm

I'm with you, Paul.
While the artisrty comes natural, technical writing, for me is a reach. I've never held much stock in resumes. Most employers though, don't share my thought on em. Reels say so much more to me and even those don't give a right on description of the artist much of the time. I imagine ALL resumes say, 'I've worked here, here and here and they all dug me so you will too."
Anyway, I hope you get some help from what I sent ya.
best of luck on your search...


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Ron LIndeboomRe: Editors Opinion
by on Jan 22, 2002 at 6:56:36 pm

Grinner said: " I imagine ALL resumes say, 'I've worked here, here and here and they all dug me so you will too."

I love it, Grin! "Instant Resumé in a Can" -- I can see it now...

Ron Lindeboom

I've worked here, here and here and they all dug me so you will too. (Well, other than the guy that thought I was from another planet but I can live with that.)

The 70's brought us speed reading, now Grin brings us Resumé In a Can for those with Attention Deficit Disorder.



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marisu froncRe: Editors Opinion
by on Jan 22, 2002 at 9:36:44 pm

Boomer -

I don't know about the ADHD part - my husband is the ADHD poster buy, and he's just the opposite - his resume is about 10 pages long (he just can't figure out what to cut)!! Nevertheless, I applaud the idea of the resume in a can, it's not far from what I get in the mail most days (except without the spelling and grammar mistakes)


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grinnerRe: Editors Opinion
by on Jan 22, 2002 at 11:58:19 pm

mistakes nothin!
I take great pride in my creative spelling.
It's this goofyass language thats wrong.
While creating hybrid edit bays and canned resumes, perhaps I should start working on a new improved language.


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Walter BiscardiRe: Editors Opinion
by on Jan 24, 2002 at 10:48:59 am

One thing that has been a huge hit for me is that I now include a paper "Credit Roll" with my demo reels. It identifies each piece, the client, the producer and exactly what I did for each piece.

My reel starts with a 1:00 overview cut to music, then it dips to what I call the "Extended Mix" of 5:00 if the person wants to watch more of my work.

The producers who have viewed the reel really appreciate the credit roll because we've all seen reels and wondered "well how much did they really do and how much did other folks contribute? In my case it works well because the producers can better understand my grasp of not only editing, but graphic design and digital compositing by knowing what I did and what others contributed.

Hope that helps. FYI, that lead on the resume website is awesome! I'm printing all 28 pages out myself! :)

CineWave Forum host

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mike whatleyRe: Editors Opinion
by on Jan 25, 2002 at 1:00:34 am


Your "Credit Roll" should be standard practice in the biz. Great idea and no doubt has been important in getting projects.


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Patrick InhoferCredit Roll and DVD
by on Jan 31, 2002 at 4:58:27 am

It seems to me the perfect place to implement the credit roll is on a DVD. I'll be putting my reel on a DVD and one of the things I want to do is put a few different campaigns on the reel, including a full set of credits.

And my clients seem to adopting DVDs at a surprising rate, so I might actually have some people who can view it.

On a test I did, iDVD came up with amazingly good picture considering it's a one-button compression scheme. I was impressed

- patrick

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Bob BonniolRe: Credit Roll and DVD
by on Jan 31, 2002 at 4:23:49 pm

We've actually done just that. We are now producing our reel on DVD... it includes options in the main menu for watching the short 'teaser' demo, the longer demo, a couple of project specific 'making of' documentaries, and a bio section that details what we've done specificly, how we did it, as well as other peoples contributions.

Most potential clients have been very impressed by the whole presentation, and several have been particularly impressed with having the 'bio' section...

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Patrick InhoferRe: Editors Opinion
by on Jan 23, 2002 at 12:10:47 am

When I went freelance I agonized over my resumé. Then I hit Google and found this:

I printed the darn thing out (28 pages) and did everything they advised. It took a few days of focused work to come up with something I thought was representative of me.

I wrote what they call a Functional Resume. I'm able to keep it to one page, and can completely customize it to the person I'm sending it to in a few short minutes (I can do this because the excercises helped me identify 6 major skill areas, and I mix and match the 3 that most closely refelect what I believe a potential client wants to know).

While I don't believe I have gotten a job from the resumé, I certainly haven't lost one.

- patrick

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