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Video capture won't recognise camera.

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MoVideo capture won't recognise camera.
by on May 10, 2002 at 11:17:52 pm

I have used this camera with all my video editing programmes before. I took a short video and reconnected the camera. Neither Vegas 3 or my older version 2, nor any of the other programmes will recognise the camera. They will only give me the webcam or tell me that I have a microsoft vid cam when in fact it is a Canon MV 300i. I have disconnected the web cam. I have tried having the vid camera running prior to capture and just about every variation along that line. I've plugged and unplugged to no avail. As soon as I try to get any programme to find the camera everything freezes up. If anyone has any ideas please help but use simple language please, nothing too technical.

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seekerRe: Video capture won't recognise camera.
by on May 12, 2002 at 11:05:11 am


My VegasVideo3 captures are running just fine using my Sony DCR-TRV510 camcorder, but what shows up in the Sonic Foundry Video Capture window under the Video menu is "Microsoft DV Camera and VCR". In Windows System Properties under Device Manager your 1394 Bus Controller(s) will show up, but once again not your camera Make nor its Model. I don't see any specific recognition of my Sony DCR-TRV510 anywhere, but that doesn't seem to hurt. If your camera is OHCI-compliant, that should be sufficient.

Incidentally, it isn't necessary to have your camcorder connected and powered on when you boot up. The OS should recognize your camcorder whenever you do attach it and power it up in the VCR mode.

My advice would be to connect your Canon MV 300i, connect a battery charger power supply to it, and turn it on in the VCR mode. Then bring up the Sonic Foundry Video Capture window, click on the Video menu and see if there is a "bullet" by "Microsoft DV Camera and VCR". If there is, proceed with the capture. If there is not a "Microsoft DV Camera and VCR" recognized, then there is a problem. If so, you might try clicking the Options menu and select "Reconnect to Current Device".

-- seeker --

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David HagueRe: Video capture won't recognise camera.
by on May 12, 2002 at 11:09:26 am

I have had instances where VV is running, and turning the camera on AFTER starting VV gives a situation where VV does not see the camera. It shows in the Properties OK, but no camera control, or output to external monitor is available. Simply shutting down VV and re-starting seems to fix this problem.

It may be an XP thing, not sure. An annoyance, but not insurmountable and certainly has never needed a re-boot.


Shazian Australia

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Marty HedlerRe: Video capture won't recognise camera.
by on May 12, 2002 at 2:12:01 pm

Perhaps sharing more infomation will be helpful:

Your system

What video software you have on the system

When the problem started

Will the system work with another type of camera

Regards, MPH

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MoRe: Video capture won't recognise camera.
by on May 12, 2002 at 2:40:35 pm

I have Windows ME. 1400 mgbAMD athlon - 256 installed memory - 58.42 gb HD free space. Texas instruments OHCI compliant IEEE 1394. I have Vegas V 2 and Vegas V 3, Windows movie maker and Ulead video studio 4 basic. I have used all of these except Vegas 3 with this camera before. I did have to have it turned on prior to capture for it to work but otherwise it was fine. Now as soon as I ask any of the programmes to capture it just freezes. I have tried the prior suggestions and nothing has worked so far. Could it be an IRQ conflict? I don't have any other plug in cameras to try. My other digital still/video Mavica camera uses floppy discs.

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Marty HedlerRe: Video capture won't recognise camera.
by on May 12, 2002 at 7:07:57 pm

Most everybody here has more hardware experience then me... maybe they will have better ideas.

My next thought would be what has changed just before you found the problem...

Did you install new software

Did you change a setting on the computer or camera

You might try uninstalling any new software or driver, or changing back a setting that changed at the time you found your problem. A look in the Control Panel> System > Device Manager may indicate issues to examine.

After that, I might check when your latest "restore point" in the windowsME system tools is indicated.

You might consider the issues if you used the latest restore-point before you had the problem. If you think it is safe to backup your data files, and take the usual precautions before using a restore-point, you might try that.

(I'm just sharing what I might consider, I hope others have some more ideas to share too.)


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