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Wax 2.0c released.

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Wax 2.0c released.
on Jun 2, 2004 at 5:25:29 pm

Wax 2.0c has been released. This version improves on the previous version with numerous bug fixes and enhancements. All known bugs with the earlier release have been fixed and Wax now works well with Windows98, 2000 and XP.

This version of Wax has the ability to create and use 'presets', which are chain of plugins/effects that can produce many unique effects. These presets are also seen in the Vegas interface under the Wax category. Wax comes with a set of presets for plugins and transitions and you can also create your own using Wax and share with other users. A new forum to exclusively share Wax presets with other users is now online at , please pay a visit there to download a couple more transition presets for Wax.

Note for Vegas users:
Since many Vegas users had difficulties with the plugin's integration with Vegas, this version features a "no-integration" mode in which it will work with minimal information from Vegas. When Wax runs in this mode as a plugin with Vegas, you will see placeholder images showing the Vegas video event inside Wax (instead of the actual video frames). So for tasks like rotoscoping etc where you need to see the actual video frames this mode would not be suitable, but for all other tasks this is ideal and recommended. To run Wax in this "no-integration" mode with Vegas, enable the "use dummy host media" option in the Wax preferences dialog (you can find the preferences shortcut in the Wax folder in start menu, or you can choose this option if prompted at installation time). By default this is not chosen so make sure you enable it if needed.

The above option is highly recommended for anyone who had problems with earlier versions of Wax. Those who were able to use Wax without issues need not use it. When you run the integrated plugin, you can also see dynamic previews in the vegas preview window (and hence in the external monitor if available).

Please visit the Wax page at to download the latest version.

Major changes since last version

1) Fixed issues/crashes with drag-n-drop of media/plugins in Wax.
2) Fixed crashes when rendering from Wax standalone as mpeg/swf.
3) Fixed overflow bug in mpeg output which caused strange colours in output when overflowed.
4) Added new shortcut in start menu to change Wax preferences without invoking Wax, so that users who have issues with hardware accel can change settings and try again.
5) Added option to disable loading 3rd party plugins (including default directx plugins) to optimize for users who dont use them, and for those who have trouble with them.
6) Added full support for using Avisynth .AVS scripts in Wax.
7) Fixed bug in using of image sequences as videos.
8) Added seek support while using as Vegas plugin. Now if you click in the Wax timeline the correct video frame from the vegas media will be shown.
9) Added ability to dynamically preview in the Vegas preview window (and also in any external monitor connected) while working in Wax.
10) Added feature to use Wax as plugin without accessing the host media. This speeds up load time and works even on hosts that cannot give host media info to the plugin - for eg. if Vegas is unable to run scripts or if you have errors using Wax standard with Vegas you can enable this option and run Wax.
11) Fixed bug in RotoMate bezier approximation.
12) Improved RotoMate - you can now view shape outlines for better clarity while drawing/editing shapes - the outlines are shown even when you are in masked mode. Also added feature to delete/add points to existing shapes. To delete a point select the point and press del key, to add a new point select the shape and double click on the shape where you want to add the point.
13) Added presets feature. Wax comes with many stock presets for FX/transitions and users can create their own presets as well using the standalone version of Wax. These presets can also be shared between users and online at the Debugmode Gallery website.
14) Added Wax plugins for PureMotion EditStudio.
15) Combined Position3d, Rotate3d and Scale3d into a single plugin named "Transform3d" for easier use. Also added a user interface for this plugin - you can open this plugin's options dialog and using the tools shown there you can rotate/resize/position the 3d objects by click-n-drag in the preview window.
16) Fixed issue with undo and drag-n-drop : after doing an undo/redo using the Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+Y key combination, the next drag-n-drop was failing. Fixed now.
17) Fixed bug in Text3d plugin that produced strange edges for some characters if bevels are used in the edges.
18) Added feature to save compressed audio in rendered AVI files (earlier only WAV output had this ability).
19) Added "Shatter Image" 2D plugin to shatter non-3D image/video elements. If you got any image/video element with an alpha channel and want to shatter it, this is the plugin to use.


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Dwaynne Villiers
Re: Wax 2.0c released.
on Jun 3, 2004 at 12:32:19 am

Satish, great work as always! I am heading over to download now! I have real fun using Wax (well, except for rotomate, which I still havent gotten the hang of!),and I look forward to this full release of 2.0c.

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Allen Zagel
Re: Wax 2.0c released.
on Jun 3, 2004 at 11:44:44 am

Hi Satish

I assume this version does the Handwriting effect?

Also do we need to uninstall the old version first?

Thanks for the upgrade

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Re: Wax 2.0c released.
on Jun 3, 2004 at 1:33:32 pm

I have not got to grips with WAX yet but I as sure I will soon. As others have said, thank you for your hard work. Especially my thanks thanks got to you for retaining the PluginPac in V5. I think it is much much easier to use than V5 track level 3D controls, and it works at event level rather than track level. An excellent plug-in.


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Byron T. Taylor
Re: Wax 2.0c released.
on Jun 3, 2004 at 3:01:40 pm

Yes! Thank you Satish. I do not understand why Sony has not made all effects available as track or event. It is obvious that this has needed to be done. For me, Pan/Crop should be track level, and track motion should be event level, too. PluginPac takes care of it.

For someone new to WAX, are there any tutorials that you could recommend?

Byron T Taylor

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Re: Wax 2.0c released.
on Jun 3, 2004 at 3:17:05 pm

Yes there is a tutorial video (flash-based) showing basic steps on how to start with Wax. You can run it by opening "Wax 2.0Helpfirstuse.htm" in your webbrowser. Then start with the available presets and see how they are done, to get a better idea.

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Re: Wax 2.0c released.
on Jun 3, 2004 at 3:26:21 pm

Yes this version can do the handwriting effect.

As Marco mentioned in another thread, to do the handwriting effect you first draw the letter fully, then goto the last frame, and start deleting points from the character's shape. So Wax will smoothly interpolate between each keyframe to make the character appear as if it is written dynamically. There is a preset showing how to do this, check it out.

Yes it is recommended that you uninstall earlier version and then install this one.

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Glenn DeLaune
Thank You! Thank You!
on Jun 3, 2004 at 12:35:24 pm

Thank you very much for sharing your hard work with us. I like the v-dub filters you made available for use in Vegas. This is a great addition to our Vegas transitions and effects palettes. The renders are not long either.

Thank you again,

Glenn DeLaune

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