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Animation seq looping Q

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IQ NillAnimation seq looping Q
by on Jun 22, 2004 at 2:06:17 am

i seem to have a little problem with setting up animation loops.
once i set a looping motion for all objects, and then set the number of loops more than 1, the final rendered animation "freezes" for one frame at the loop point.
Obviously the first and the last keyframe of each loop are identical and the software puts 2 identical frames one next to another, hence the freeze-frame effect, HOWEVER, is this the way C4D does it, or am i doing something wrong?
do i have to recalculate the frames/motion and try to set the motion to loop smoothly "by eye" for the loop feature to work - surely not.


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Jeffrey JosephRe: Animation seq looping Q
by on Jun 22, 2004 at 8:43:15 pm

I normally go back one frame from the end of loop keyframe and note the number of the animated parameter then change the end keyframe to that number.

for example I want to rotate something 360 degrees every 1 second. So I keyframe the first frame at 0 degrees and then keyframe the last frame (frame 30 if @30fps) at 360 degrees. I then go to frame 29 and note that it is at 357 degrees. I then change the keyframe at frame 30 to 357 and loop it. It runs perfectly with no pause or glitch. Of course if you're animating a bunch of different properties then you have to do this for each property.

Of course if you're doing a complex animation you may need to play around with the keyframes interpolations to get a smooth loop.

hope this helps!

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Brian JonesRe: Animation seq looping Q
by on Jun 22, 2004 at 11:17:29 pm

Another way is to set up the animation, loop it, move to the next to last frame (playhead has to be there), create a keyframe there (control click (or maybe command-click if you swapped it on a Mac)), go to the last keyframe delete it, right click on the timeline and select Adjust. It should now loop without pauses. Same as the other way and once again in the right situation you might have to play with the tangents to be smooth.

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IQ NillRe: Animation seq looping Q
by on Jun 23, 2004 at 12:37:50 am

thanks for your help guys,

it seems as if the "loop" feature was a good idea, but it just doesn't loop.
I may as well copy/paset the whole loop keyframes.

thanks again

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