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dual AMD mobo for bodypaint?

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Peter R. Van Aken
dual AMD mobo for bodypaint?
on Aug 13, 2001 at 11:07:22 pm

Hi again and thanks for previous recent post re painting on bumpmaps.

I am looking at a Tyan Thunder K7 dual mobo for two(2) AMD MP CPU's. I also like the ATI Radeon 64mb DDR graphics board and want 512mb for starters of ECC DDR RAM. I will be running BodyPaint and it will be the most demanding of my tools... from what I hear. I will be doing still scenes with bumpmap textures (ie paper textures) and painting applied to fairly simple scenes, and will most likely not need radiosity. The use is for print media at first (no animation at first).

I understand that too much in the way of resources is not possible, and that it will at least keep the system around longer...a good investment against constant upgrading. However, can you comment on what you may or may not have heard about this dual Tyan board and, in general, whether BodyPaint will be able to utilize the dual setup? I am interested in rendering with blue blazing speed. Throw in a comment on the ATI Radeon card too please. I must have FSAA (also line and edge) and the absolute best color quality available (not necessarily calibrate-able, but just generally richer than what is generally available in other cards).

I should also mention that my monitor is a 1024 X 76? 15" LCD monitor and I won't be getting a super-duper large CRT. I believe that the res is enough to work with since my modeler has a full screen workplace (Amapi v6). I am attached to the LCD color quality and crispness. I will want a larger one soon of course, when my Creative Cow comes home I guess :)

So, basically: dual AMD CPU board by TYAN? ATI Radeon 64mb DDR card? Yes, no, change?

Thanks in advance.

Peter R Van Aken

Oh, I have NT4 Server sp4 but may wait and get XP(not server). Will NT Server help out BodyPaint performance?

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Mark Simpson
Re: dual AMD mobo for bodypaint?
on Aug 14, 2001 at 1:41:37 pm

Hi peter,
Thorn is more the PC guy around here. All I know anything about is Macs. Thorn won't be checking in unti next week due to his being at Siggraph. So until then, hopefully someone else has some insight to your question.
Speaking of Siggraph, I'll have some very exciting news for you all tonight regarding XL and some new products that will make you all very happy. Can't say anything till then, but today at Siggraph should be interesting to say the least.

Mark Simpson

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