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Motion and HD speed...

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skip huntMotion and HD speed...
by on Mar 24, 2005 at 2:46:38 am

I was thinking of getting a 10k spin SATA Western Digital drive to use as my startup drive and was hoping I'd get a speed bump across the board including Motion.

I did a little test. I cloned my stock 7200RPM SATA drive in my 2Ghz DP machine with 4.5GB RAM onto a Firewire 800 enclosure with an ATA 7200RPM drive in it. I reinstalled OSX and updated everything on both the Firewire drive and the stock SATA drive so they essentially have identical systems and apps on each.

I timed my startup time on each and the SATA started up in about 2.5mins and the Firewire Drive system started up faster at a little over 1.5mins.

I then opened up one of the water drop's templates in Motion and timed a "Render All". The Firewire based system rendered at 52secs and the stock SATA based system rendered in 59secs.

Doesn't something seem wrong with this picture? Shouldn't an internal SATA 7200 drive way outperform an external firewire 7200 ATA drive?

Now I'm wondering if I would see any performance improvement with a 10k SATA drive.

Thoughts? Is something wrong here?

thx in advance,


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Noah KadnerRe: Motion and HD speed...
by on Mar 24, 2005 at 2:57:03 am

Motion's speed is derived from VRAM, Processor Speed and system RAM- more or less in that order. The speed of the hard drive is nowhere near as critical.

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skip huntRe: Motion and HD speed...
by on Mar 24, 2005 at 3:01:06 am

Yes, I wasn't expecting miracles... but I've already got a 9800 SE 4.5GB of RAM, and a DP 2Ghz... figured the faster drive would not only show a marginal improvement with Motion, but in other apps as well.

But the point was... how could identical system installs on an external Firewire 800 7200RPM ATA drive out perform an internal 7200RPM SATA drive? Am I wrong in assuming SATA drives are faster? Does high RPM really not matter that much any more?


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skip huntRe: Motion and HD speed...
by on Mar 25, 2005 at 12:03:48 am

Got it, but how could identical systems on two different speed hard drives and data interfaces return a several second difference in render time?

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angeRe: Motion and HD speed...
by on Mar 24, 2005 at 1:09:32 pm

the start up drive speed has nothing to do with any application. you could run motion on a 5400 drive as is in all mac powerbooks, what you want is a good amount of GREAT RAM, not all ram is the same. second yes using a 10,000 drive as where you store you project files and output the project from is a great way to go, no drop outs, all graphic house use 10,000 however these are just storage not for the application. ask around you'll see. but another problem is and this is a big one is you western drive,not a good drive. you need IBM, seagate or the best these days is Hitachi as your system drive and then you will see a much more efficient running machine.

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skip huntRe: Motion and HD speed...
by on Mar 24, 2005 at 1:44:10 pm

Well now here you're just plain wrong. First, yes a faster drive and faster RPM and make a significant difference across the board. Do your homework. I swapped out the 4200RPM out of my Powerbook and put in a fast 7200RPM drive and EVERYTHING was faster... from startup to app speed. Read up on it if you don't believe me.

Second, most "graphic houses" do not in fact use SATA 10k drives as their storage drives. Some might be using 10k SCSI, but most are not in fact using 10k SATA drives as you claim. Again, I know you're mistaken.

Last, Western digital is just about the only company who's offering a 10k SATA drive right now. They're new. Again, you're mistaken and have you're data wrong. You're most likely thinking of SCSI. We're talking about SATA drives if you read my post.

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Rene HazekampRe: Motion and HD speed...
by on Mar 26, 2005 at 1:59:25 pm

it seems to me that you'ld get a greater speed bump when you 'ld defragment your HD.

rene hazekamp

powerbook 145, 4 meg ram, ramdoubler

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skip huntRe: Motion and HD speed...
by on Mar 29, 2005 at 4:33:24 pm

According to Apple.. if you're running OSX they say there's really no need for defragging.

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skip huntRe: Motion and HD speed...
by on Mar 29, 2005 at 4:38:18 pm

I think I finally found my answer. According to Barefeats, at present Firewire 800 actually has a faster read time than a stock SATA config. Looks like an SATA or FW800 raid is really the way to go. But, I was surprised to see the FW800 actually DOES outperform a stock mobo SATA on read time.

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