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24p 30p Use for me...?

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CaptainMench24p 30p Use for me...?
by on Apr 13, 2004 at 2:06:44 pm

Got the money - Got the desire, love the camera -- but...

I don't have a progressive TV, I'm not ever going to convert a video to film...

Will buying THIS camera with the 24 and 30p really be of ANY use to me? Can I still use the 24p to get the effect it gives and convert it to 60i -- and is it worth it?


Should I just go with the PD170?



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Noah KadnerRe: 24p 30p Use for me...?
by on Apr 13, 2004 at 2:10:12 pm

Yes absolutely- the 24p is visually apparent on a 60i TV. If you have seen a movie shot on film and transferred to TV- as anyone living in the past 50 years probably has- you have seen what film on TV looks like. That is what 24p looks like. The DVX shoots 24 frames a second and then does a 3:2 pulldown conversion to create a final signal that works on a 60i TV. So- you get the film look. The PD170 along with every other DV camera presently available is incapable of doing this.


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CaptainMenchRe: 24p 30p Use for me...?
by on Apr 13, 2004 at 3:47:04 pm

Woo Hooo!!!!! And even from the hands of the guru-of-the-board!

Ok... that does it. I'm off!

I'll be back in a few week with MANY more questions too.

Like, as this will take ALMOST all my pennies in my camera-jar, what would be the #1 accessory (no, not the panasonic hat - or bag even -- I've got one that will fit) that I should get too.

Extra box of tapes?

Thanks again.


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Noah KadnerRe: 24p 30p Use for me...?
by on Apr 13, 2004 at 3:55:45 pm

Either would be useful- mic, tapes, tripod, batteries...


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Jay BlanchardRe: 24p 30p Use for me...?
by on Apr 13, 2004 at 6:26:52 pm

There's got to be a better way to describe what the DVX looks like to newbies. I'm just afraid that telling people that "it looks like film transferred to TV" is going to make people think 35mm blockbusters on HBO. A 24P SD video camcorder is never going to look like 35mm; just have a strange, non-interlaced look that somewhat resembles 16mm.

This camera is not an alternative to film, and neither is HD 24P. It's an alternative to 60i video. I know most people are well-informed to realize this, but unfortunately many are not. I just hate to see someone invest "all of their pennies" as a result of unrealistic expectations generated by hype about what this camera can do.

That said, this camera does rock--i showed some footage i shot last week to a couple of my local collegues, and now both of them are fighting over who's going to rent the camera from me next month!

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CaptainMenchRe: 24p 30p Use for me...?
by on Apr 13, 2004 at 7:55:58 pm

Jay -- thanks for the warning. No -- I've invested more time looking and reading up on this camera than even the new house I'm about to buy. I just had a bad dream last night that the 24p or ANYTHING p was going to be useless to me.

It isn't... and I know it will ultimatly just be a 'tool' like anything else. Bad footage is still bad footage!!



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Jim CookmanRe: 24p 30p Use for me...?
by on Apr 14, 2004 at 2:32:02 pm

Capt... There you are!

I went to B&H a couple of weeks ago, expecting not to like the 100a because of the lack of DVCAM. B&H has that little set-up with all the cameras focused on a little set. 100a BLEW AWAY the 170 hands down. Think I alluded to this on the Apple site. It's a VERRRRY nifty camera.

Goodies to get: extra batteries, a shoulder pod isn't a bad idea, it's not too spiffy as a handheld camera. UV filter just to protect the lens, and what ever other tiffen goodies you'd like, You can get anamorphic adapters for lens AND eyepiece if you like 16:9. Get a portabrace case (DV4 I think the model # is) and for gosh sakes get a good tripod if you haven't got one. Pick one brand of tape and stick to it. I'm sony dvcam stock all the way because it's what I use everywhere else. Mixing stock tends to lead to head clogs as the different lubricants used tend to turn to some sort of warm gunky oatmeal when the camera gets hot. Be very wary of using cleaning cassettes,why sandpaper your heads if you don't have to?

The zoom motor is noisy, so if you're using the built in mike, watch out for the zoom noise. There's a bracket supplied for a larger mike, but because it doesn't isolate the mike I assume you'd have the same problem. Haven't tried it yet. Then again, I hate zooming!

Do let me know if you're coming up to NYC B&H-- i'll meet you there and help you empty that camera money jar.


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craig seemanRe: 24p 30p Use for me...?
by on Apr 17, 2004 at 4:23:57 am

In my own humble opinion the DVX100a does not handle low light very well compared to the PD170. That's too critical for the many low light shoots I do (corporate shoots in offices without light, night wedding receptions in which they frown on lights, "run & gun" docs shot at night or low light, club performances which are usually dimly lit).

I've also had a hard time getting other cameras to match the "gamma curves" of the 100a in post production when shoots are comming in from different crews with different cameras. I'd also give an edge to the autofocus on the 170 (sometimes ya gotta use it) and I like the black & white viewfinder on the 170 better. For those reasons I find the 100a a great filmmaker's camera (where your using lights and have time to set shots and various settings) but not the best "all purpose" camera.

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