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Budget Portable Studio??

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Samuel WellsBudget Portable Studio??
by on Nov 20, 2002 at 12:48:27 am

Hey there ... I need to build a 3 camera portable studio to shoot in DV cam..... heres my idea... maybe you can think of better?
3 Panasonic AG DVC 15 Cameras $5925.00ea
Videonics MxProDV $2000.00
JVC HR-DVS3U Mini DV SVHS combo deck $750.00
3--Bogen 3179 tripod w head $483.00 ea

Total 9158.00
I have to keep it under $10,000.00
Any Ideas

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Charlie KingRe: Budget Portable Studio??
by on Nov 20, 2002 at 5:23:49 pm

First, if the cameras are $5925 each and you have 3, how is your total $9158? My math says cameras alone are over $16000.


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Samuel WellsRe3 cameras $5925.00
by on Nov 20, 2002 at 6:21:14 pm

Sorry that is for all 3 cams..... same for the Tripods.....

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Charlie KingRe: Re3 cameras $5925.00
by on Nov 20, 2002 at 7:52:28 pm

Not sure what you plan on doing with it, but the Bogen tripods and heads are nicknamed "Bogus" by the guys in the industry. I really don't know anyway to get a system of any value for a budget of under $10,000. Such as tripods and heads I would go with no less than Vinten Studio 8 Heads which are $4000 each. That already ate your budget, but if you can't pan or tilt smoothly, a $50,000 camera is no good.


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Todd at UCSBRe: Re3 cameras $5925.00 Getting Closer
by on Nov 20, 2002 at 8:21:11 pm

We USE close to the same system you are invisioning! Actually, we have 2!
But, it still comes in over the $10,000 limit.
3XLRs, 2 DSR 20, Bogen tri-pods, Videonics Switcher, Mackie sound mixer, misc. cables, etc.
But the DSR's and XLR's would put you over. You could go with GL-1 or the Sony's you metioned-I don't know the price difference? The decks are kind of key, since they will be your ultimate destination. Also you'll want VU meters on the decks-no room for error for digital audio!
I do agree about the tri-pods, Bogen does suck! But we don't do a lot of 'on camera' moves-part of the beauty of a 3 camera package.

As a side note, some people have had problems with syncing audio in a DV switcher. We had to use the S-Video inputs-partying due to lenth and sync (I plan on trying the DV switching again, with some newer cabling, but that's another story)

Todd at UCSB
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