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Re: Will Kona SD ever do Video+graphics Layer in RT?

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paulRe: Will Kona SD ever do Video+graphics Layer in RT?
by on Nov 6, 2002 at 8:17:32 am

Hey Grant,

Since i started this thread I would like to chime in here, I have been holding back purchasing a card for my home system to see how I could get the best bang for my buck, i would never buy into Cinewave for two reasonsw...cost and matter how many RT effects they give me. After researching what system to set up for my use on a show that I am working on for my company I ended up going with Aurora due to the OS and not wanting to risk going out on the edge with OSX.....I started by wanted to go with the Kona, but decided against it, and havnt been too sorry with my choice except that we do master to Digi Beta and it would be nice to go SDI but it still looks great. I do have a couple of knocks on the Igniter you cant watch your timeline through the NTSC and your computer at the same time...not enough bandwidth on the card....and two no RT graphics layer as we use a bug for this show and I have to render every frame which sucks when you gotta go back and make changes to the show...which seems to happen alot with this group but thats another story.

Anyways, I started the post really hoping to get a response as to what the Kona cards bandwidth is capable of and if these things that I really need are possible...I have talked with you before and think that you are doing great things for the mac..FCP community and look forward to all of your innovations.


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