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Marco Solorio
I'm calm, cool and collect.
on Oct 8, 2002 at 11:55:10 pm

[francois.stark] "I'm not saying that the Cinewave at 8 bit resolution can hold a candle to the Kona card at 10 bits. Read my statement carefully. I'm talking about using the BM 8 bit software codec."

Who cares about the 8-bit BMD codec? This discussion is about supreme codec accuracy and why the Cinewave 8-bit structure lacks in it as compared to the other 3 cards. Kona has 10-bit to make this point come to an end.

[francois.stark] "The point is that the Cinewave software codec tesed in your page, is not being used in my Cinewave's (extensive) workflow at all."

So are you the only Cinewave user in the world? Just because your workflow doesn't use the Cinewave software codec doesn't mean other people don't use it! Ever hear of a render farm? Network rendering? Taking the load of the main NLE to bill it on higher priced edit jobs?

People use the software codec all the time.

Furthermore, why don't you or anybody else upload an encoded image based off my lossess 4:4:4 PNG test image using your hardware codec? I'll be happy to post it on my codec page in comparison.

[francois.stark] "The point is that when using the BM 8 bit codec for rendering, I get the exactly same quality the you would get from a Kona card when using the BM 8 bit codec."

Again, who cares about the BMD 8-bit codec in Kona... we use the 10-bit codec for better results. This has nothing to do with the point of this discussion.

[francois.stark] "But you see, some people don't read it properly (especially the part about the YUV editing systems that should perform equally well in an edit situation). They scroll down to the part with the codec evaluations, and then decide that the card's quality is bad."

You're making an assumption on what the population is thinking. I clearly state that the testing is RGB to YUV conversion and what it's used for. If they can't figure that out, then they need to get some schooling in basic editing and graphics. It's not my fault if they might not understand what this means. As they get editing experience, they'll come to know what RGB to YUV conversions are.

The ultimate point to all this bandwidth is this... no matter if you use Cinewave's software OR hardware codec, it will still band! Period! The End! It is still not as good as Kona, Voodoo and Igniter. There are NO other discussions... not RT, not formats, nothing. I don't care about codec interchangeabilty... it's all about the QUALITY. It's a matter of focusing on the point that Cinewave needs to update their codecs to match up to the competition. If you do not understand this one and only point to all these threads, then you have entirely missed the simple point.

Marco Solorio | OneRiver Media

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