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Re: Best real-time DVD video recorder?

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Dave Jennings
Re: Best real-time DVD video recorder?
on Dec 1, 2004 at 4:37:14 pm

"XBlur should have been implemented as a daughter card using a vacant over-the-top connector."

What on earth makes you think it *could* have been implemented that way?

"I'm not flaming Media 100 or the 844/X. I'm just a bit concerned regarding the direction that the software is headed. Every new version is adding new features that require additional processing passes. Pretty soon, we'll have to drop the term "processing" and go back to "rendering". "

A lot of the features they've added that require additional processing are things that used to take up multiple layers if you set them up manually (like a shadow, where you'd have one layer of the shadow color and a second with the thing you're shadowing.) So, I guess doing them in a single layer works like a precomp.

" I take issue with losing real-time function due to re-ordering the stack to make certain filters work properly. It seems like a poor design concept to me. I'm wasting a lot of time processing geometrics passes that would normally be real-time except for the fact that I've now applied a border and/or a drop shadow on PIPs that are less than the supported four "real-time" layers. If it was realtime to start, it should stay real-time regardless of resorting the filter stack hierachy."

The hardware itself has an order it expects things to be done in that the software can't reorder, so to reorder these things means you have to do multiple passes. The same thing is probably true if you have to feed something that was real-time (like geometrics) into something that isn't (like drop shadow.) I have found that if you put things into the "filters" area in the same order as they are in the "properties" area that that little "subgroup" gets processed in one sweep.

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