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Shane Sokolosky
Re: Grazing Cow Virus Sayings
on Aug 7, 2003 at 7:41:13 pm

It's usually called the YAK, Here are some of it's sayings if your interested...(Don't mean to spoil anything I'm sure there are many other sayings as well, especially in FCP 4.) There's also a way to make the YAK appear when ever you want but it's a secret in FCP 4.

01. I'm glad it's getting weird again. I didn't understand it when it wasn't weird.
02. The C switch statement: Mmmmmm! Chock full of nooses!
03. That would be like a crossing the streams or something.
04. I've got my blankie, I'm good to go.
05. A lot of this job is mental.
06. "Mostly clockwise , sometimes reverses..."
07. What's the sound of one luma clamping?
08. Oh, rough and woeful music which we have! Cause it to sound!
09. Nobody might know anything.
10. How do you tempt a Yak?
11. Chocolate covered espresso beans!
12. We're not the engineers you're looking for. Move along..., move along.
13. The little cartoon man is messing with my head!
14. Speed kills, but sync maims.
15. Twix bars; A brand-new bad habit!
16. Many Yaks were exploited during the creation of this product.
17. I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of nuclear weapons in this product.
18. I'm concerned because the cow sounded pretty threatening.
19. I am NOT a mad cow.
20. I don't care who's on the other end of the phone... Hang it up!
21. Carrot and a footprint.
22. Where's a single Yak to go now that the Edit Bar is gone?
23. Aaargh, I forgot to pay the rent!
24. When you have a car that's that uncool, you just gotta drive stupid.
25. Did it happen with yesterday's umbrella?
26. When can I do color correction by the pool?
27. Are you filling his head with chocolate?
28. The lights going off midnight, it's almost the a step in the face...Hey, stupid, it's tomorrow.
29. Yeah, that's covered under item #152.
30. I was probably the last one to see him alive.
31. All I want for Christmas is a stack trace!
32. Think PIKE!
33. What, were you expecting "Moo" or something?
34. This is not Yak Bite.
35. Somehow I can't convince myself that this isn't all just one big hack.
36. At least Spock had stone knives and bear skins!
37. Ok... who's job is it to write the Flush Wizard?
38. Controlled evil is not necessarily bad.
39. Pinky, are you thinking what I'm thinking? I think so, Brain...but can you do that with a Yak?

I stopped here, but If your interested I could post more. I didn't want to spoil it.


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