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Re: ATi RADEON 8500 or Gforce 3

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Chad BriggsRe: ATi RADEON 8500 or Gforce 3
by on Oct 28, 2001 at 8:55:56 pm

Hehehe, sorry everyone. Forgetting that the web makes us a international forum, I tend to resort to my urban/texan dialect at times and instead of saying "the modified GeForce drivers that enhance acceleration tenfold" so everyone can understand it, I say "yo g-money! dese detnoator drivers be phat!" :) (At least I don't end my post on "y'all come back now, y'hear?" If i do that I KNOW i've been in Texas too long)
At any rate, Alga, Kino clarified what my urbanspeak confused. The "detonator" drivers are drivers that are put out by Nvidia that are not technically "officially" endorsed by Nvidia because they leave it up to the OEM's to write there own drivers based around the core GeForce (detonator) drivers. The "SoftQuadro" patch I spoke of is a well circulated software fix to turn any GeForce card into the faster/more featured "Quadro" card of it's category. The only difference between the Quadro (expensive workstation) card and the GeForce (cheap gamer card) is a few registry settings. (Okay, the Quadros usually have a higher refresh rate, but not enough to make a enourmous difference) The difference is quite noticable in apps like Maya. And yes, get the 64mb version if you can, it should come in handy when working with large texture files.
Hope that explains it better. Kino will probably put me on a leash and start zapping me with a cattle prod whenever I start resorting to TotalRequestLive speak :)
Chad "As IF!!!" Briggs

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