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Re: A racheting type animation---

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FreddieRe: A racheting type animation---
by on Jun 17, 2004 at 2:10:50 am

My animation has nothing to do with rotation- it's all translations in a single direction.

Here's a picture of the racking system---

I was using the rachet analogy because it would have been cumbersome to explain the details of the actual device. But, here we go!

The animation represents two warehouse bays. (they are most likely off the ground- this is merely representational)Each of them is identical. Both have a center "platform" or sled-like device that sits inside the L-shaped tracks underneath the pallets. In its resting state, the pallets are all sitting on the rails with some space between the sled and the underside of the pallets. Simple, huh?

When raised, the platform causes the row of pallets to move forward exactly one pallet distance- whereby the forklift operator pulls off the "reachable" front-facing pallet. As seen in the image, the forklift operator has yet to come get the front one before the device can cycle the row ahead one place. (He's union, you know... a little slow)

If you imagine the front spot vacated- the platform will get raised up until the weight of all pallets is off the tracks- (almost like a mechanic's jack)- then the entire yellow unit (one piece) slips forward one pallet distance- lowers, thereby dropping them- then returns to starting place. I think the proper word is reciprocating. This is done until every pallet is cleared from the rack--- You can imagine the same in reverse for "loading" the racks.

The difficulty I was having was setting a relationship between the "platform" and the grouped pallets forming the pallet row. Essentially- it's a rachet type of animation whereby the pallets move ahead only, never backwards. Yet, the platform moves both ways.

Thanks so so much for the help. Let me know if you can see the image. No critiquing my render, either (grin) it's only rough... the plan is to animate both bays, (although you'd never operate a vacant bay) simultaneously so one can get a feel for what's not clearly seen under the pallets....

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