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Re: High speed shoot help...8mm?

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Wes MalkinRe: High speed shoot help...8mm?
by on Jul 25, 2001 at 2:46:05 pm

Michael, I don't really know any place that can do a proper 8mm transfer these days. Although if your 8mm camera will run at high speed... (and it probably won't) it should be able to go to at least 60fps for a proper effect... 48fps would be 1/2 speed if you run the telecine @ 24fps for your transfer. That being said, there are lots of considerations here and the best way to tell if 8mm will be acceptable is to run a couple of tests. I wouldn't think you'd get a good result tho. The camera you mention (i think i have one like it in the garage) will most likely exhibit a lot of weave through the gate especially at high speed. I still think your best option with a low budget is to shoot it on 16mm. If you want a better image get an SR with a super16 gate and you'll have more negative to expose on... just be sure to keep the action in 4:3 TV bubble (the center of the frame) unless of course you want a letterbox effect, so you can push in and or reframe during transfer. You haven't told us how extensive your shoot is... but why not do a budget for the whole thing on film and offer the client a better looking product overall??? Look at it this way... you can get a chance to shoot some film, learn something & maybe even experiment a bit on the clients $.

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