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Re: Glidecam 4000 - "They're" wrong. It works really well!

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Steve ClarendonRe: Glidecam 4000 - "They're" wrong. It works really well!
by on Jan 8, 2004 at 4:32:12 am

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for your input. I always appreciate these forums and all the help everyone tries to offer each other.

At the moment all I have is raw test footage but as soon as I shoot something for real I'd be happy to send you a QT of it.

Though I've heard (read) moaning about the Glidecam, I have not read anything close to what you descirbe as "horror stories". Most of the complaints I've read seem to surround issues with balancing the unit and do not involve the operation of a well-balanced unit. The other issue surrounds the weight of the unit which limits it's record time. The former I believe is due to an impatience with balancing the unit and the latter is a a price/ performance trade-off. I mean, the next step up is what - $2500.

B&H Photo in NY has been selling these for several years. When I asked them about the compalints you allude to, they have mirrored my thoughts with regards to balancing and price/performance. They pointed out that they would not attempt to sell Glidcams for the last 5 years or so if they weren''t selling or if people were just buying and returning them. They wouldn't make money by continuing this practice and would be stuck - over these last 5 years or so - with a lot of Glidcams.

I'll keep you posted.


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