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Leo Ticheli
Re: Avid v. FCP; the future and Walmart...
on Aug 1, 2002 at 11:06:28 pm

Hi Lance,
My comments about Moore's Law and the changes that are coming are not restricted to Mac's. Sure, PC's will continue to improve in both hardware and software, but your dire predictions about Mac's future suggest more of zeal than a review of history.

Speed is certainly the only factor that determines the winner in drag racing, but it's not sufficient in the contest for the hearts and minds of Editors. Necessary? Of course. Sufficient? No.

Will you be able to build a PC based solution for HD editing for less money than a Mac? Most likely. Will it be a more elegant solution with the same range of effects and Artist-friendly interface? Perhaps, but it certainly is not the case now. As always the market reveals the truth, and FCP is a clear winner.

Ultimately each Artist must choose the tools which work best for the way they like to work. Avid's DV solution is in no way comparable to uncompressed solutions. If you work only DV and you prefer PC's, then you should be happy. You will not, however, enjoy the scalability offered by FCP and a Digital Voodoo or AJA card.

You assert that Mac's will not continue to increase in speed at a rate to remain competitive with PC's. Well, you could be right, but I'm betting against that prediction. Perhaps we'll correspond again as time passes and reveals the truth; if you are right and PC solutions eclipse FCP, I'll convert my house to all-PC and buy you a drink as we toast your wisdom and health. If you're wrong and Apple continues to dominate, you can switch to Jaguar and toast to my health. Either way, everyone wins from the competition.

Now, a final question for you; who has done more to bring the power of editing and compositing to the desktop? If you are honest, you must admit that Apple has empowered more emerging Editors and Artists than anyone else. I've got 30 thousand dollar suites that today rival rooms that cost half a million dollars just a few years ago. My clients get better work at lower prices and I sleep a whole lot better.

Best regards,

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