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Jöran Maaswinkel
Message to Optibase
on Feb 7, 2005 at 4:29:23 pm

This is send to Eddy Shalev, Moshe Rousso, David Sackstein, Gil Weiser, Tom Wyler, Danny Lustiger and Uzi Breier.

Open message to Optibase,

I’d like to bring to your attention the major issues created by your press release of January 7th concerning the ‘restructuring’ of the Media 100 business unit.

The judgments of Mr. Uzi Breier created tremendous concern to all users and owners of Media 100 systems. Although the future of the Media 100 HD and specially 844/X were not precisely explained, all existing owners are naturally very concerned about their investment.

Because I host one of the Media 100 user groups, in the past couple of weeks I have seen many posts form users/owners that could not believe what Optibase is doing with a company that supplied them so many great products.

In the press release from September 8th Media 100 announced their future plans for 844/X and at IBC we could feel the positive energy from the people that where back on the team again, enthusiastic to make their products a success! During that time I heard a lot of positive reactions to the Media 100 HD and the announced new feature set of 844/X.

Now 5 months later, there’s a new CEO and it seems nothing is left of the new plans. IPTV is the main target and the future plans of 844/X are swept away and previous commitments are dismissed without mention.

I’m not sending this email to judge your business plans, but I would like to draw your attention to the fact that you have some unique and valuable editing tools in your company. These helped a lot of customers grow their business and create a group of people who supported the plans announced last year. These people – your loyal customers – are eager to remain exactly that and support Optibase in the future.

In the last three days I have received representations from almost a hundred users and owners that have signed a petition in the hope that Optibase will keep to its previous commitments, listen to the existing user base and the current customers. Word of mouth is one of the most underestimated yet effective methods of marketing and selling. The current perception amongst customers is that Optibase does not care about its customers – serious commitments can be broken upon a whim. I’m sure you’ll agree that this would be a damaging situation and I’m inviting you to take the necessary actions to ensure that customers continue to be supported.

Finally, I would like to provide here some quotes from owners and users of Media 100 products to make it clear what people think about the statement Mr Breier has made.

- Michael Vitti Media 100 owner since 1996:

“Please reconsider the January actions and announcements and let the hard & software engineers, Mike S. and Steve B. do their job: re-energizing the digital post production community with innovative Media 100 technology and re-build the user base.”

- John Twigt Owner of 4 Media 100i and 1 844/Xe systems:

“A message to Optibase; Trust is everything, trust your users! They will bring you new business if they believe your intentions are honest and good. Get HD on the market! Don't throw away this user-base.”

- Robert Griffiths Owner of 1 Media 100i and 1 844/Xe systems:

“I would like to see the 844/x live up to its potential and Optibase live up to it's promises.”

These are just a couple of responses that were sent, but I will attach all the names of those who would like to see the future plans reconsidered.

I hope that you will respond to this on a public message board or, failing that, by personal email response that I can forward to those who have a vested interest.

Jöran Maaswinkel
First worldwide user of Media 100 844/X system and forum leader on Creative

Signed by:

Harley Michailuck, Marion Dane Abrams, John Buck, Arno Doup, Jan Yorick von Krogh, Markus Prinz, Anina Burger, Jan Rielof, Dani Cristic, Helmut lottenburger, Shyan Hinson, Stephany Shaddon, Beth Dunwody, Emily Hart, Elliott Dunwody, Dagoberto Patlan, Kevin Hughes, Jason Kalinoski, Robin Hamilton, Jose Carlos Panadero, Marcus Bogaert, Todd, Ercan Diler, Bob George, Thomas Bertay, Ludovic Duprez, Michael Todd Thorpe, Larry Marshall, Floh Peters, Bobby Mosaedi , Lukkee Chong, Chad E. Valk, Bernie Huth, Robin Plomp, Andrew Gillespie, Paul Gillespie, Leo Gillespie, Wayne Abler, Robert Griffiths, John Twigt, Huib J. Lirb, Bouke Vahl, Andrew Watt, Tom Molnar, James Mastrandrea, Jamie Judd, Mark Johnson, Karen Jewell, Jim Calahan, Peter Hitchcock, Michael Slowe, Mike Manor, Douglas Wagner, Aaron Johnson, Thierry Bernard, Tom Gillen, Ted Sikora, Micajah Smithson, David Gibbs, David Baud, Chad Robinson, Greg Davis, Donald Dulmage, Michael Vitti, Jeff Heath, Derek Bruce, Stuart Turner, Neil Hoskin, Mark Anand, James Whicher, Bob Vick, Wojtek, John Colovin, John R. Jones, Jay Alpern.



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