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Re: A message to Steve Bayes, M100 / Optibase

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olofRe: A message to Steve Bayes, M100 / Optibase
by on Jan 21, 2005 at 2:36:25 pm

I am sure there are lots of people out there like me.
I am waiting to see how things shake out.
I love editing on the M100 8.2, it does 95% of what we do, I use AE, PS, Motion and Commotion for the rest.

We also have a G5 with an AJA FCP setup. I have never really got into editing on FCP, but I use it sometimes on the road in a PB.

We make DVD's by outputing M100 direct into AJA then author on the G5, using Bitvice to compress.

I somtimes do color correction on the G5 then output to BetaSP DVCpro or DVCam, this way I can make sure M100 output is legal. Using M100 scopes in the other direction works well to.

We know that we are going to use HD in the future, but it is not an immediate need.

We would like to get more speed and capbility dirctly in M100. And I hope the company will survive and thrive. If Apple or another company was to buy M100, I would be thrilled.

On the other hand If M100 goes away we will just get another product when we need it, FCP may eventually be what we go with full time. Avid never really apealed to me, I have been to several demos and they allways had problems doing what I asked for.

Remember all the problems Apple had and how strong they now have come back.

You have to hold a gun to my head to make me work on PC, the OS is so clunky and hard to deal with, OSX is a dream to work with. We do have a couple used for office work, they really suck for anyting else.

Having said that, if things were to change I will edit on whatever works best for me, yes even an improved Windows system if they ever get it right.

The bottom line is, this is a free market and it is up to us to use whatever system makes us money and we enjoy working on. I am sure there are great things ahead. With or witout M100.

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