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Re: Is Media 100 Dead? Todays news does not give me comfort!

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Re: Is Media 100 Dead? Todays news does not give me comfort!
on Jan 9, 2005 at 1:44:42 pm

I completely agree with Jeb's thoughtful comments.

I am very concerned in general about M100, they need to be very clear and forthcoming with their rather large Mac user base, in order to give us confidence to invest in their product line. I believe that most of us that are still using the platform would like to continue using the platform.

Here are a couple of examples of things that don't inspire confidence in me:
-In the past few weeks HDV has come up a couple of times. I think it is a very important format, and probably a deal killer for me if M100 HD does not support it, and by NAB. I posted a direct question in CAPITALS to M100 for comment, and it remains unanswered, not even a comment...
-It seems that people are having chroma and luma level issues with legacy M100 programs/media opened in M100 HD. The claim of compatibility by M100 is clear. Does this mean that nobody at M100 bothered to open up a legacy project to check? Again no comment from M100 (I watch the AJA forum, because that's where I'm going if M100 doesn't work out, and their staff is all over things in a flash on that forum when a problem occurs). If it wasn't for Floh...

I do many jobs that come from FCP and finish on my M100, because it is a great tool with rock-solid hardware/software, and a proven deliverer of shows. The advances made in hardware/software in the M100 HD are very exciting and I believe if the visionaries can outlast the corporate bean counters, then we may just have something here.

My opinion about the M100 move to the PC platform with ifinish and 844x, virtually ignoring an existing large and loyal mac customer base, was a case of corporate bean counters winning out. The temptation to see even a small percentage of windows machines with M100 hardware in them was too much for the pack of salivating MBAs sitting around the boardroom thinking about stock options, and pyramid schemes. Clearly this was a mistake, and shows a lack of understanding of the creative professional.

Smarten up M100, please...

Drop your prices.
Stop charging for OMF.
Release the new software codec to the general public.
Release the software from the board and allow it to be purchased seperately and used as a firewire only product.
Release the board from the software and allow FCP, Motion, AE (and perhaps Premiere on the PC) to recognize it.
Make the combination of your software and your board the most delightful and cost-effective editing experience on the planet, and that is the choice people will make!

...and if you're about to clean house, start with your MBAs and finish with a few lawyers!

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