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Re: Is Media 100 Dead? Todays news does not give me comfort!

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Re: Is Media 100 Dead? Todays news does not give me comfort!
on Jan 8, 2005 at 4:12:17 pm

I have used Media 100 since version 2. It is my prefered platform, although I edit on FCP and AVID.

I have been waiting for some signs of stability and commitment from Media 100 for some time now. I hope that in the spring, when the editing season starts to pick up, I will see this from Media 100, and then I will have the confidence to buy their HD product (x2). I have delayed getting FCP hardware for a long time in this hope (I don't like AVID and find it creatively limiting for a few very specific reasons, not to mention overpriced).

I believe that corporations (in general) are not to be trusted or taken at their word, and that there is no such thing as a corporation having loyalty to its customers. They are about making money, and will shed you, and say what they have to to make their buck. Their is little or no chance that an officer of a corporation will be brought to face civil or criminal consequences for their actions. There are thousands of "little Enrons" out there.


It seems that there a little hyperbole in Jeb's language ("slashing the company, what's left of it, to shreds, eliminating the R&D efforts to to the point of simply maintaining existing committments"), unless he has some information beyond the article itself.

Perhaps as he already has (according to his profile) a Cinewave HD and an AJA, and not a Media 100 HD, he has a vested interest in using this kind of language. I'd bet that his Media 100 has paid for itself many times over and probably paid for the Cinewave and Aja.


"It is my belief, that at this time, the digital non-linear editing market does not present Optibase with the most substantial growth opportunity and is not fully synergistic with the Company's core activities. As a result, I have recommended to Optibase's Board of Directors, and they have agreed, that it is in the best interest of the company and its shareholders to remove certain portions of our Media 100 activities and focus our resources on initiatives that may better position Optibase for growth in both the short and long-term."


"While we will continue to support the revenue generating elements of Media 100's business, we believe that this restructuring will enable Optibase to focus more directly on growing the core segments of its business, maintaining its leadership position in the content creation market and expanding Optibase's presence in the IPTV market."


Well who the f*** really knows what to read from corporate bean counting babble speak, but it seems to me that they might be,

-cleaning house at Media 100 now that HD has shipped

-and perhaps subtly trying to see (putting out feelers) if another corporation is interested in the Media 100 Unit of their operation and its technology, and what they might be able to get for it.

They are not stupid, and have not spent all these $$$ to get the company on its feet, and Media 100 HD out the door.

I don't see this as abandonement, or something to get hysterical about.

However, don't expect a corporation to be forthcoming beyond SEC requirements, or care about you.

All very confidence inspiring???

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