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iMovie and Hypervideo

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Bruno Grieco
iMovie and Hypervideo
on May 10, 2001 at 1:55:20 pm

Ron said :
My point was Bruno, there would be no iMovie in my opinion -- at least not as quick as there came to be one -- if Media 100 had not come along and changed the market as quickly as they did.

I prefer to see iMovie as an Firewire/FCP subproduct. I really beleive that firewire's role was the responsible for bringing video edit to the desktop. Nothing I have ever saw beats it's simplicity. The smallest linear ( on NLE ) edditing suite before it, demanded tons of cables running under and over your garage ( or attic, because you simply wouldn't keep that mess in the den ). Now you may have it where your computer is, just plug the camera, use it and store the camera back again to it's shelf.

You're right when you say that the i part in Media100i is still misunderstood. What Molinari really invented was HyperVideo, the abiliity of watching video on a non-linear way.
He is surely ahead of the competition in this issue but unfortunantly he is also ahead of the hardware possibilities.

My point here is not that the internet won't be a video delivery method, it surely will in the next couple of years and I perfectly understand Molinari's investments in this area. But DVD Video is growing extremely fast, it is a great media for HyperVideo and it is a more friendly media for video editors because it's closer to tape and easier to work with than the internet.

I really don't understand M100's marketing for the MPEG option. Why is it only avaiable for PCs ? Why isn't MediaPress integrated with M100 as Cleaner is ?

HyperVideo is also something that requires changes in the audiovisual language. While blue-underlined-text doesn't change the meaning of what you are reading, blue tinted images do. Even if DVD manufacturers inserted a trackball in remote controlers, what would you do with the cursor while the video is playing ? Is Bloomberg-News-like movies what people want to see at home, even at the internet ?

EventStream is great, but how will the market respond to it ? Will it be a new Betamax, technically better than VHS but the market standardized the latter ?

Technology is great but you can only turn the market if you got ammunition and Molinari only got a few rounds left.

Best Regards


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