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Re: NAB Review Pt.2 M100's Lossless Announcement

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Ron LIndeboom
Re: NAB Review Pt.2 M100's Lossless Announcement
on May 9, 2001 at 2:45:55 am

Since I am a bit off balance debating The Invisible Man, I will address some of the points I see as errant in your post...

Number One: You are obviously a Big Boy and your comment that "I've had to buy into the upgrades which have cost another $2,000" is simply and purely untrue. No one makes you upgrade and you either do it because it makes sense or else you don't because it doesn't. If you made what has proved to be a bad business decision, then that's what it is. We've all done it and most more than once, I assure you.

Me, I have long argued that you should use what you buy to make money. Do not allow yourself to be the "bottomless wallet" for any company, dragged around by the nose by the fallacy that you must have any and every upgrade that comes down the pike. This stuff does something and so use it to do that something and make some money with it. When you have enough, upgrade. Till then, it just doesn't make sense.

As I said (to paraphrase the ending of my article): Here's what it is and what it does. The picture argument that everyone's been throwing about is not entirely as many think it to be. Now as to whether or not what you get for what you pay -- that call is up to you. Apparently, you don't think it is worth that kind of money. Me, I personally don't think it is either and I wouldn't spring for it but that wasn't what the article was about. It was about unravelling the reasons why Media 100 went the "lossless" route rather than the "uncompressed" route.

My personal thought on this is that Media 100 -- as most companies do -- is simply seeing where the market will go with this... Will they pay Big Bucks for this latest whizz bang??? Or is this one that we have to sell with our sights set a lot lower. In a free market, ultimately it's the buyer (as a collective body) that sets the selling price.

Number Two: No offense but I would sit back and take a big deep breath and not spring for anything right about now. The jury's still out on what CinéWave is going to be or not -- and leaders like Matt Silverman will give you an earful on that one -- and who knows what will happen with Digital Voodoo now that Grant Petty has left the company. Maybe they'll be great and do wonderfully and he's set a great team in place. I don't know and I don't like to spend my money on "maybes."

This article was one small window onto the situation and I hardly meant it to be the definitive word on anything other than why Media 100 ended up going Lossless rather than Uncompressed.

I'll stand by my conclusions and use my name doing it, thank you.

Best regards,

Ron Lindeboom

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