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Re: Some of Ogilvy & Mathers best work

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Mark Suszko
Re: Some of Ogilvy & Mathers best work
on Jun 7, 2004 at 5:31:30 am

I didn't like cat as much as pigeon... not because it was plain sick, (it was), not because it wasn't funny (I guess it was to me, not my wife), but because it had some internal logic "flaws" in it... in that after the spot is done, the owner is ostensibly coming back to a car with a severed cat head inside messing the upholstery. And on a hot day, not good... did the Quiznos account execs have any imput on this one?;-) Pigeon works for me partly because the car leaves no evidence of it's evil sentience, like Steven King's Christine (bad to the bone!)...

So I had an idea for one I like better, still crude, but not as sick as "cat". You can still use a cat or dog, either one works... here she goes up the flagpole...

Open on wide beauty shot of the Evil Sportka minding it's own business parked on a city street, when (we'll say) a dog comes up to give the driver's side rear wheel a sniff, preparatory to... um... marking territory?

Sportka reacts in a POV shot from down by dog, which is facing away from the now silently whirring driver's side exterior rear view mirror. As mirror tilts downward, a sizzling bright sun glint comes into camera lens and CUT TO

reverse angle, the sun beam running along the ground, hyped up to seem like the laser from "Goldfinger". Maybe slight smoking of asphalt as it traverses the ground... Beam travels out of frame, but obviously in direction of dog's tail end...

Dog yelp off screen, tight closeup of mirror as it comes back up, we're now POV next to driver's door, about level with mirror, as it tilts back up to normal real view, we see CGI dog making hasty retreat down street, tail between legs...

Anybody salute that one?

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