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The Best of Both Worlds

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Kristen Maxwell
The Best of Both Worlds
on Jul 7, 2003 at 4:07:34 am

Howdy folks,

I finally decided on a topic for my research paper, and I'd love your input! I am writing about digital video production as that is my area of concentration here at SCAD, but my thesis is about more than that. Specifically, my paper starts from the following standpoint:

Rising from its lowly position as the bastard stepchild of the cinema world, video is emerging as the future of film. But while we celebrate the ascension of this digital messiah, we would do well to heed the lessons learned by a hundred years of craftwork centered of celluloid. By combining the best aspects of traditional filmmaking with the advantages and opportunities of digital production, we can make the next generation of cinema the best of both worlds.

The 15 page paper will focus on two elements of that topic: tangibles and ethereals. Tangibles being things like how to make video have a more film-like look, using lighting and diffusion and progressive scan, etc. The ethereals are the ideas of film as a meticulous, collaborative process, of framing and cinematographic approaches used in film, and other "behind the scenes" kinds of lessons that can be applied to make video better.

I would like everyone's input on this topic, and plan to use you and others i will be interviewing as sources to be cited in the paper. I also think this topic might be of interest to the other memebers of the board, so feel free to respond pubicly here at the cow or privately to me at Also, if you know of any online articles, publications, or books which I might use as additional reference, those are very welcome as well.

Please bear in mind that i have no intention of arguing whether film is better than video, if film is dead, or how the two are completely different media. This is not where I am coming from. i am coming from the stance that digital is here, and i can afford to produce things with it, and I want it to be as good as possible, so I want to learn all i can about how to maximize the medium to tell great stories with beautiful pictures. So please leave any axe-grinding "film vs video" flames at the door :)

Thanks for all your help, hope to hear from you all soon,

Kris Maxwell

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