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Mark Laskowski
Re: Help a novice please!!!
on Aug 6, 2001 at 2:14:52 am

Hi Marty,

Like with any good piece of software, there's more than one way to do anything in c4d. The lathe method is generally what you'd want to use in a situation like this, but if you are dealing with a true sphere in this case, you can go about it a different way. Here's another method, just for variety:

1) Create a sphere primative. (Objects>Primatives>Sphere)

2) Double-click on it in the Object Manager and change the number of segments to something like 36 (or however many you need to make it smooth enough for your purposes.

3) Change the sphere to editable polys. (Structure>Make Editable)

4) Switch to the Use Polygons Tool. Select the polys you want to remove, and delete them. What's left is the outer skin of your semi-sphere.

5) To creat the inner-core, duplicate the object in the Object Manager.

6) With the duplicate selected, reverse the duplicate's normals (turning it outside-in, so to speak). (Structure>Reverse Normals)

7) Now you just extrude this duplicate sphere to give your object thickness. (Structure>Smooth Shift; then click-and-drag in the View Window from left to right to set the depth of the extrusion.)

Now you have two objects that make up your "tennis ball." An outside skin, and an inner core. If you want a single object, just group them together, select the group and connect them. (Functions>Connect)

Anyway, that's just another way to do it.

Hope that helps,


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