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Re: audio & video synchronization

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Re: audio & video synchronization
on Jul 26, 2004 at 3:14:05 pm

Wow . . . well, after getting this “illegal mpeg video stream” message during the de-muxing process with TMPG I noticed it wasn’t from the deleted scenes of the original DVD and was actually from part 2-2 of each of the main movie video files. No other video file has two parts except for these files. Here’s what they look like:



I know DVD Decrypter rips video into 1 GB chunks which would account for these main video files broken into two parts. Maybe somehow because they were broken into two parts TMPG couldn’t recognize them. So I then tried to re-rip the video with DVD Decrypter, THIS time with the “separate into 1 GB chunks” setting in DVD Decrypter un-checked. I opened these newly ripped files in TMPG and they successfully de-muxed! I didn’t get that “illegal mpeg video stream” error message. Based on that I really think the error message had to do with Decrypter breaking them into two parts.

After they successfully de-muxed (mv2 & ac3) I opened them in VirtualDub to only find timestamp errors so I proceeded to load them into DVDWS. It took about 30 mins to load the video into DVDWS after selecting the files in the explorer window and then clicking the “open” button. Once they loaded I double-clicked each video file and added the applicable audio track to each video file. It only took an instant for the small videos to open so I could add the audio tracks to them but 10-15 mins for the main video files to open so I could add their audio tracks. Thank goodness they don’t need to be edited. Once I created my menus I proceeded to burn my project to an ISO image after confirming all “convert to template” checkmark boxes were un-checked. As you said, it skipped re-encoding the video completely but took approx 8.5 hrs for each of the two 1.7 GB main video files to convert (i.e. "converting audio VTB_43.vtb"). A total of 17 hrs before it proceeded to “multiplexing video/audio” only to stop right when it started at 0% to give me an “error code 800416b0” error message. 17 hrs down the drain. Ah! Keep in mind I had no clue what template to choose for this so I chose the default “High Quality DVD” template to see what happens. Maybe I needed to choose "DVD High Quality AC3" template to avoid this long re-encoding process? I don’t know but I do know the original audio de-muxed from TMPG was ALREADY in ac3 format. Bottom line, didn’t work.

Then I suddenly realized . . . yes, I did un-check all “convert to template” checkmark boxes for the video files but not the audio ones! So I went back to check the boxes and proceeded to burn to an ISO image only to find the required HD space would be anywhere between 3000-4000 GB no matter which default template I chose! So now I’m stuck. How ridiculous! What am I doing wrong? Do I need to rename these ac3 & m2v files to something else maybe? Or maybe combine them back together in another program and THEN import them into DVDWS sort of starting right back where we started? Maybe de-muxing them and re-muxing then again will fix the audio sync somehow? Hmm. Please help! I sincerely appreciate your support.

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