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Re: Deciding on HD editing suite

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Re: Deciding on HD editing suite
on Mar 10, 2003 at 5:26:55 am

bart wrote:
So is HDCAM !!! I suppose it's important to put 8-bit HDCAM material into a 10-bit HD datastream just so you can say you did.
First of all, if you think
1) HDcam is NOT the sole HD tapeformat out there.
Be aware that there are higher standard, as i.e. D5.
to see how terrible HDcam can become, i recommend you take a look at
if you get HD data digitally scanned, D5ed, from Sony upcoming formats, directly from a camera or in Kodak Cineon, its 10 bit.
All fully equipped HDsuite, especially for 200K, should be able to perform in many roles, not only in one reduced one. Scanned film to HD tape is a reality, one generation HDcam followed by digital processing until recording the film also.
So why settle for less?

2) Further setbacks in HDcam
HDcam is not only 8 bit, but also 3:1:1 colorsampling. Translated : only 1440, not 1920 horizontal pixels resolution. Same applies to the (excellent) DVCpro HD System. DVCpro is a better bargain BTW.

3) Quality of image after input, data for interpolation.
Its not only about storage, its also about processing. If you are doing colorgrading, chromakeying, scaling/rotating images, the fine subsampling of 10bit is way superior. Anyone in the Industry should now this. If you have less data to process, dithering will generate artefacts, unsharpness or banding, choice of two evils. I recommend that you read some basic books about judging the quality of digital interpolators. basic information about remapping :

4) HDcam communicates externally at 10 bit.
If you use a 8 bit card, Cinewave as examples, you have always
8bit - dither up 10bit - output - input card - downsample to 8 bit - store
as process queue, compared to
8bit - dither up 10bit - output - input card - store.
If the up/downsampling algorythm arent exactly the same, such a system produces more artefact.

5) Graphics. Not all TV and Cinema Program consists out of a single layer. There have been reports, where "graphics" have been seen in Shows :) Some crazy scientists also report that there also have been 3D Animations basing on synthetic images!
With 8 bit, you get semiprobanding, with 10 bit, its perfect. Tip: Try a dark cyan to black gradient, slowly rotate it. You will se what we are talking about.

6) Guess why smoke, Flame, fire, Inferno, the new Quantel, Kodak Cineon, 844/X, Bluefish etc. are 10 bit? (inferno/fire also can operate at 16, btw). They all dont understand HD, right? Only Pinnacle got it right (oh yes, and DS, but there are rumours thy will change to 10bit sooner or later).

bart wrote:
Makes sense !
lagoon: indeed, indeed

also let me underline what mad wrote :

check every system in detail. 200K is a mayor investment for a NLE and you have quite a choice. My faves would be, btw: fullcash: smoke. smallcash: FuryHD + PC. And if you only need 24P@SD for the next 6 months and then 24P@HD if would recommend to look precisely at the 844/X as well. DS is nice as well, but 8 bit and s.l.o.o.o.o.o.w..... in rendering for quite a price. Quantel: good stuff, but way to pricey for the offering, if you ask me, also, i doubt that they really will focus on longform editing with iQ. As far i understand the concept, its rather a brilliant server for workgroups (no pun intendet). The cinewave, well, i dont know, i would rather take vodoo or bluefish: same price, better quality and a really dedicated manufacturer, pinnacle is "dancing on many marriages" (german saying)

i would strongly recommend going to NAB and talk with all the manufacturers direct.

cheers from berlin, nightshift ending here.

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