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Re: DVCPROHD -> Filmout

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K. Han
Re: DVCPROHD -> Filmout
on Oct 18, 2004 at 7:05:33 am

Hello, I would like make this thing just a bit more clearer.

If you try to recapture over HD-SDI, you will LOSE the quality instead gaining anything, due to the anamorphic nature of the format. So, if you want the best quality, you should capture over firewire, not HD-SDI. This applies to HDCAM material, too. For the best possible quality, it has to be captured over SDTI by XPRI, not over HD-SDI.

Then, all material captured has to be dealt as the starting point of the whole DI procedure. So, if you have any bit of picture to be rendered, don't do it as DVCPRO HD. There are various options for the film-out procedure from DVCPRO HD, but the first thing you should not do is rendering in DVCPRO HD codec. The first clumsy part of this process is, how the 4:2:2 YUV samples to be translated to RGB 4:4:4. It requires interpolation anyway.

FCP has two faces. FCP has the best YUV render engine in the industry, but RGB conversion and RGB rendering is all done in traditional 8 bit per channel. So you should avoid any YUV-RGB conversion in FCP. But, if you want interpolate (in other word, Color Filtering) any channel of YUV, you should do it in FCP, because FCP has the best YUV render engine. It's kind of contradictory. Since we don't have any high-end scaling algorithm in FCP YUV space, we better do it later. You should not change the any spatial quality of the material. As I know, Apple uncompressed codec does not perform color filtering. We need color filtering before YUV is converted to RGB in other application. So, I might prefer BlackMagic codec, that does very good quality color filtering during RGB conversion.

Just do not apply any filter or transition whatsoever and change the codec to BM uncompressed 10 bit. This scenario is for the case of DVCPRO HD codec does not perform color filtering during RGB conversion. If it does, then we need some test to verify the quality of it. Anyway, the first goal is to bring the all clips to RGB application that supports RGB 16 or 32 bit per channel render space. Two ways here. You can just output the whole sequence as one clip, or convert the timeline to the timeline of such RGB application. The latter might be required almost always, because you might need some transition to be rendered, such as dissolve.

Noise reduction, color correction, upscaling, transition, graphic works, all these things should be done in that RGB application, such as After Effects, Shake, Combustion, Digital Fusion, Luster, Quantel...

I wish FCP would support high quality RGB rendering and high quality scaling. If it does, the whole DI procedure will be incredibliy simple while producing the best possible quality. But that is not the reality yet, or we don't know if it would happen and when.

Not all film-out facilities use the best possible method for the quality. In fact, very few of them is doing the real quality works. Do not trust them completely. If they prefer to have HDCAM or even D5-HD master, don't go with them. Work with the facility that explains every steps of the procedure in detail and gives you the choices.

I am doing the same work here, cutting DVCPRO HD 720/24p on the laptop. In my case, I will do all DI process by myself. I will report all the things later. Good luck!

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