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Who best to develop digital?

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michael brennanWho best to develop digital?
by on Mar 20, 2004 at 7:52:34 pm

"24p has no 48i "TV" equivalent, it would require a quite different physical tape format layout to either 25p or 30p. We added 24p on D-5 HD by means of a different tape format. At the present time there are no immediate plans to introduce 24P "native" on either the 1200 or 1700."

Yes, I do understand having used supposedly 60i only recorders to record 30p and shown my 25p reels at 24p (on film) for 3 years without anyone spotting it was off speed in the cinema.

As a European fan of 25p for theatrical release you'll understand where I am coming from. 24p is just a load of unnecessary technology when 25 frames per second (50i) has worked fine for decades.

The time money and effort that has gone into making a 24 fps into (initially an inferior) video format would have been better spent elsewhere!
Time code issues, tri level synch...ekkk. We are probably over the worst of it, but here we are with Panasonic with a perfectly good 25p portable deck that will not be considered by some as it doesn't record 24p.

It is not as though appeasing those who shoot film at 24p has had that much effect moving HD forward. How many filmakers were turned off 24p with all the 23.98 and 24p time code problems with Avid?

Now we face the prospect of digital products being developed by the film fraternity!

The ASCs recent and continuing exploration into the future standards of digital projection did not include *any* material shot on a digital camera! Even though there are a few prototype 2k and 4k cameras around, not to mention creating some 4k files from a digital multicam setup.

Future digital cameras will develop from advancements in consumer technolgies. High churn of technolgy will continue for years. This is not good the best news for anyone.

Perhaps burying ones head in the sand isn't a bad idea?

Mike Brennan

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