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Bob ... Why Live Corporate Video Sucks

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Andy Stinton
Bob ... Why Live Corporate Video Sucks
on Apr 11, 2002 at 6:39:04 pm

In another thread Bob Bonniol asked. Why is it that corporate live video isn't availing itself of the latest technologies ?


The answer in my experience is motivated by greed, consumer unawareness and bull$#$!

I deal in a lot of live events, which are supplied by staging companies (big rock and roll gigs ) and corporate AV companies. The staging company gigs tend to be charity galas with name acts, and the others are corporate communication meetings.

So lets deal with greed. The audio visual houses want to sell the most they can with the least cost. Video projectors rental prices have not fallen because the price of the projector has fallen…. just one example.

Visuals on corporate meetings are ruled by the almighty PowerPoint … good old speaker support. Thus they run the projectors VGA and upscale the video and run the signal thorugh LOTS of VDAs

Hey that’s life, just imagine the furor when the presidents 100 word org chart (speaker support graphic) does not go up on the screen.

(A) Which is easier?? Running component, SVHS, SDI, or composite from the cameras?

Hint (easy is cheaper).

Next is consumer unawareness. The corporate client probably has a 27 inch Sears TV at home with fuzzy cable. Unsing that as a benchmark the images he sees on the big screen look great to him. It is rare that I have heard complaints about image quality from the client … sound yes…. video no. If the client does say anything the stock answer from the techs is … and please pick one.

1. The lights in the room can’t be turned down.

2. It will never look as good as your computer monitor.

3. You substituted in the budget , the bright projectors for the deluxe appetizer.

4. The technology just isn’t their yet.

Staging companies are into renting big thumping sound systems with mega watt light shows . Previous to LCD projectors the overhead ( cost and technichal) was to high to run a video set up. Now even my dog can set up a cheap LCD projector, so they too have entered the fray.

I know of quite a few staging companies that have bought video stuff on Ebay, and throw the video in for free to get the gig. Hmm they are mainly sound guys, who can only count to 3, so SVHS and component would have too many letters to be considered as a connection method.

The bull$#$! Department emanates from the corporate video producers ( sorry guys ) . We sell them on the latest digital 6 zillion line format and they pay. The client ( see consumer unawareness) believes that the image must be better because it’s digital super stuff. It’s the emperors clothes all over again.

The producers believe that because they supply it on Digi ( fill in blank) that it will be that quality on screen …bull$#$! (See greed). Either the video production company picked one of the above points 1-4 or ( pick one again)

1. They are happy to take the money and run.

2. They have never checked how their product is being shown.

3. They own the rental house.

4. They are blind.

5. They belive that composite is a much underated format.

Now we can all sit back and call Andy cynical. However after thousands of shows anything but the above is the exception not the rule.

Will it change? Sure it will ! But that is the state of the industry right now.

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